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Season 3 of The Indian Predator comes in quick succession after Season 2. Unlike its predecessors, the new season of the three-part docuseries revolves around the murder of an actual criminal and gives a new perspective to fans of true crime on their perception of justice. The season tells the tale of a mob lynching incident that took place in India’s State of Maharashtra’s Nagpur District Court.

Back in 2004, a mob of 200 women broke into the courtroom and killed gangster, robber, home invader, kidnapper, serial rapist, extortionist, and serial killer, Akku Yadav. The criminal was accused of the murder of 3+ victims and the rape of 40 women, among other crimes. Ahead of the release of the show, a 2021 film titled 200: Halla Ho was released that narrated the incident of Akku Yadav’s death.

Throughout the series, the show aims to highlight how there was public outrage due to the atrocities of a heinous criminal like Akku Yadav, born as Bharat Kalicharan. This season of the show is much different than the last two because it puts us through the perspective of victims who turned into criminals after the atrocities of a man went out of control.

Unlike the other seasons, viewers and fans were able to empathise with the females who were forced to live in fear because of a beast like Akku who had never faced the full consequences of his crimes. The brutal murder of Akku is shown in the first few minutes of the docuseries and it sets the tone for the intensity of the remaining part of the series.

Akku’s character was defined as a common man who turns into a criminal because there is no other meaning to his life. The victims and witnesses that are featured on the show happen to be common people and their reactions were unfiltered. They narrate how the entire village celebrated the murder of Akku without fearing how their reactions would be perceived after people of the world watched the docuseries.

This makes a viewer realize that the women were truly left helpless by the law, so much so that they had to take matters into their own hands and end the panic spread by Akku Yadav. The show also featured a unique perspective from Akku’s friend who was empathetic about the loss of his friend but surprisingly did not acknowledge his friend’s actions.

Indian Predator has been consistent with the way it narrates these stories of criminals and throws the ball in the court of viewers to make their judgements. However, this new season does not aim to shift the blame on the victims (accused) but highlights why they did what they did.

The background score sets the tone eerily well for the threat Akku imposed and the sense of relief the women felt after his murder.  The series is a quick watch but it also has a few gory and triggering moments that can shock some viewers. Murder in a Courtroom ends with a definitive conclusion too, so if you’re looking for another good true crime series to watch, this one’s certainly worth a watch.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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