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The newest season of the crime docuseries, Indian Predator has moved down to the south after going around North Indian Predators in the country. The last season of Indian Predator revolved around a case based in Maharashtra where a mob of people murdered a serial rapist and gangster inside the courtroom.

Indian Predator moves over to Bangalore in season 4, a city colloquially referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. The fourth instalment of the crime series follows the story of a man who is dubbed the Beast of Bangalore. His actions were actually beastlike as throughout its three episodes, Indian Predator narrates how an aspiring police cadet, Umesh Reddy, raped and killed more than 18 women from the city.

The first episode of this season attempts to shed light on the nature of Reddy’s crimes and his modus operandi. The episode highlights how the crimes of Reddy made it extremely difficult for women around the city to live normal lives out of fear of his attacks.

The second episode shows how the cops did a tacky job at nabbing the criminal despite having their hands on him. Unlike Season 3, the new season leaves viewers agitated due to the mishandling of the criminal and his repeated attempts to flee from police custody.

This season ends with Umesh Reddy in prison due to the testimony of a young child that caught him in the act after the beast raped and murdered his mother. If it were not for that young boy, the criminal would have been out in the open to this day. Viewers will be able to make an emotional connection with the young boy who has now grown up as an orphan due to Umesh’s wrongful actions.

Umesh was an aspiring police officer but the show also attempts to highlight his character by talking about his fetishism. The third and final episode sheds some light into his psyche and how he viewed women as objects mostly because he probably wanted to be like them.

Unlike Indian Predator Season 2, in this season the makers were unable to get in touch with Umesh who is still in prison so viewers will not be able to get the criminal’s perspective on the allegations. This season, in its narration, was not exceptional when it compares to other true crime shows on the streaming platform.

The ending does seem a bit unfulfilling as the culprit does not get the sentence he deserves despite his heinous actions. The show is consistent in its tone and setting, however the ignorance and regressive mindset of the testimonies could be infuriating for a viewer with a radical mindset.

The visual re-enactment of the crimes committed by Reddy tries to establish his character and succeeds in creating a negative mindset about him as a criminal. The docuseries is a quick watch but it also has a few gory and triggering moments that can shock some viewers and victims of assault. Beasts of Bangalore ends with a conclusion that one may have not expected but is worth a watch all the same

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  • Verdict - 5.5/10

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