Indian Police Force Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 7 of Indian Police Force opens with Kabir and Rana arriving in Dhaka. Nafeesa is in Delhi but she lies that she is aboard the train. Jagtap finds Kabir and Rana at the airport. He assures Tara that Zarar will be in custody within 24 hours. Soon, everyone reaches the railway station but Zarar does not find Nafeesa on the train and grows concerned. That’s when he spots Kabir, Rana and Jagtap.

Everyone arms themselves, and a gunfight ensues. Rafiq figures out that Nafeesa is absent so Rafiq informs Zarar and tells him to run away.

Zarar does just this, and Kabir follows after him where they engage in a gun fight outside the station.

Meanwhile the Bangaldeshi Army arrives at the railway station and both Jagtap and Rana make a run for it. Kabir and Zarar get into a car chase on the streets. After a few intense minutes of the chase and plenty of obstacles later, they crash into each other. Zarar runs and Kabir follows, both fighting off each other. Kabir severely hits Zarar but Jagtap separates them.

The Bangladeshi Ministry is immediately aware of the covert operation and they issue a red alert across all transport modes. The Bangladesh government wants Bangladesh to have the credit for capturing Zarar.

Is Zarar caught?

Zarar is taken to the R&AW safe house in Dhaka. Jagtap catches on to the fact that the Bangladeshi intelligence might be onto them and they need to go back immediately. Shreenivas tells him he will talk to the Defence Ministry for the same. Jagtap says he has another option too. Rana briefs Kabir, and Zarar overhears. He owns up to his deeds and also questions Kabir about his actions.

Kabir tries to knock some sense into Zarar’s brainwashed ideas. Jagtap receives a phone call from Shreenivas instructing him about their exit from Bangladesh, but there is a danger of the Bangladeshi intelligence locating them. And soon the Bangladeshi intelligence finds them. Thus ensues a car chase. Jagtap tells his Bangladeshi counterpart Hussain to let them go, but to no avail. A word reaches the India-Bangladesh Border patrol to open gate 5. The Indian officials cross the border and the both countries’ border patrols are on alert. Kabir informs Vikram’s wife about Zarar’s capture.

Where is Rafiq?

The next morning, Tara arrives at the military base camp. She greets the officers and meets Zarar. Nafeesa is on the phone where she express her disappointment and anger towards Zarar. Zarar is dejected. Kabir discusses with Tara and the others that they need to prove Nafeesa and her mother’s innocence in the case. Jagtap proposes a celebration but Kabir says it will take a while before they can actually celebrate. Just then, Jagtap receives a tip about Rafiq’s appearance to Kathmandu as the episode and thus, the series comes to a conclusion.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 of Indian Police Force brings  the series to an open-ended yet stunning ending. It leaves audiences curious to know what happens next. We saw less and less of Tara Shetty after her initial involvement during the Goa blasts investigations, and the focus was more zoned in on Kabir, who successfully manages to bring in Zarar.

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