Indian Police Force – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Hunt

Episode 3 of Indian Police Force begins with a woman making enquiries about another woman and a young boy. She heads to the flat shared by the bomb blast suspects. It turns out she’s a police officer under cover. She confirms the location and the identity.

Kabir, Vikram and the team gear up to raid the place. Meanwhile Zarar asks everyone to pack up and leave. Just then, the police knock the door down and a firing clash ensues. Some of those suspects lose their lives in the crossfire, but Zarar and Sikku manage to escape.

Vikram goes after Zarar as Kabir closes in on the rest. Zarar and Vikram get into a fist fight while Kabir finds Shadab balled up in a corner and crying. He takes him in for questioning.

Zarar holds a kid hostage to get himself out and he shoots Vikram as soon as he gets a chance. Kabir goes after Zarar but soon loses sight of him. Zarar blows the place up to ensure his and Sikku’s escape. Shadab is held captive and severely beaten to get answers out of him. Tara is angry at Kabir and his team’s actions. The chief of Delhi police also arrives at the scene.

Meanwhile, it is announced that Vikram has passed away. His wife cries at his death bed and laments the loss. Kabir blames himself for Vikram’s death.

Nafeesa’s family watches the news of the shootout and her father s worried about Zarar’s whereabouts. Zarar and Sikku are on a train when a woman hands him a phone. It is the chief calling from Iran telling him to go off grid for a few days. The woman hands them some money and the two soon arrive at Darbhanga in Bihar. The chief minister of Delhi asks the chief of Delhi police to make some changes.

Kabir is asked to leave the case because of the degree of his personal involvement. Kabir is unhappy but he accepts the decision. A few days later, Nafeesa receives a phone call from Zarar (Haider).

The Episode Review

Episode 3 of Indian Police Force starts to give the story a solid shape. We see that the police’s investigative efforts are coming to fruition as they get closer to finding leads. Kabir’s hot-headed nature gets in his way too, and he is transferred to another department. The police force finds the answers, but at what cost?

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