Indian Police Force – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

One Wrong Call

Episode 2 of Indian Police Force opens with Kabir and Ashu about to start their day and have a cute fight… but it turns out he was just nostalgic. She died of Lupus. Kabir asks his mother how she coped with his father’s loss. She speaks a few words of encouragement to him. Next we see Kabir and Ashu in a dreamy romantic song sequence.

The next scene shifts to Evidence Warehouse. The chief says that the destruction should be measured by the number of innocent lives lost. 250 lives were lost in the blasts and he orders Vikram to everything possible to catch the culprits behind these attacks. Just then, Tara Shetty the Chief of Gujarat ATS and her team storm in. Vikram and Tara at loggerheads from the very first instant. She does not approve of Kabir either and finds him hotheaded just like Vikram is. Vikram returns the sentiment. The three catch up over a cup of tea. Vikram calls her “Selfish Shetty” because he thinks she lacks the what it needs to have a good partnership.

Tara, Vikram and Kabir head to a control room where she informs about a suspicious activity in Ahmedabad. A landlord grew suspicious of his four male tenants and reported to the police after they left. The police found traces of bomb making material and also traced a particular phone number. The phone was dialled to Delhi. The only leads they have now are the phone number and a sketch of man. They cross examine the sketches from Ahmedabad and Delgi as Tara informs that there used to be a visitor at the landlord’s place also.

We see the same guy from the previous episode arrive at a busy market. He goes to a seedy building and meets a few men. They congratulate each other for the successful mission. One of them, Shadab, is sick with fever. The man’s name is Zarar. Shadab misses his family and breaks down in tears.

Zarar consoles him and later tells Abbas to take Shadab’s phone and ID incase he goes against the plan. The police get to investigating the case, and they ask around the local hardware shops about any recent large purchases and zero down on one guy named Abdul, a confectioner on Lodhi Road. Abdul and a few others are taken to investigation. Abdul says that he ran away from home because of no work and no money. First, he was in Ahmedabad and then in Delhi, but he was answering about his sweet-making business. After some more questioning, he answers that the hardware store purchases he did were for a certain Mr Khan of Naaz Sweets.

Saba and her younger brother Moin crib about the broken scooter. Zarar comes to help and informs Saba that he will be leaving soon. It is going to be night soon, and Vikram and Kabir are at a restaurant. Vikram compliments Kabir’s knowledge about the best places in Delhi and says the restaurant was Rashmi’s favourite. Vikram believes Kabir needs to take break from work to grieve, but Kabir retorts that work is what keeps him sane.

He asks Vikram about Tara Shetty. Vikram recalls their academy days, the friendship and a friend named Jagtap who is currently at R&AW. Just then the chief arrives and receives the updates. He is skeptical to bring in Mr Khan of Naaz Sweets for questioning because Mr Khan is politically well connected. He dismisses the idea and leaves after dinner but not before hinting to Kabir that he can do it instead.

The next scene shifts to Zarar making a phone call to some head in Iran. He hails a taxi and heads home, where he finds Saba and Moin bickering. He talks to Saba about his family, saying he misses his younger brother Sikku. She addresses him as Haider.

At Shadab’s house in Azamgarh, two men inform the family that Shadab is taking them on a religious pilgrimage. These two men are undercover cops. Shadab’s father rejects the idea of the pilgrimage suspecting that the money is earned from dishonest means.

Kabir spots Mr Khan at an amphitheatre in Pitampura. A young man heads to Mr Khan and picks something from his hand. Kabir and his team follow Mr Khan and that young man, eventually bringing him in for questioning. Vikram picks up Khan’s grandson, Danish, from his school. The young man reaches a garage and meets Zarar. He is Zarar’s younger brother Sikku.

The brothers head out to eat after exchanging a few greetings. During dinner, Zarar, Sikku, Nafeesa and her family discuss Zarar’s personal life. Everyone urges him to get married by hinting at Nafeesa. Nafeesa is not happy by Haider’s (Zarar) departure, and he proposes marriage to her and she agrees.

Then we see Kabir and Vikram arrive late at Vikram’s son Aayush’s birthday party. He forgets the bicycle as a gift for his son and promises to get it the next day. Tara is also present at the party. Kabir, Vikram and his family click a family photo, and then we are taken to the room with the men who planned the bomb attacks. The power goes off and they search for candles. Shadab activates his phone and their location is traced as the episode comes to a conclusion.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Indian Police Force is quite the shocker! We are taken further into the story as we see the police and the terrorist group prepare on war footing for the next task. There are certain points which make the story slightly predictable, but it does not take away from the overall watch value of the episode.

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