Indian Police Force – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review


Episode 1

Episode 1 of Indian Police Force opens with heart wrenching scenes of the aftermath from a bomb blast. Kabir and their team approach the scene as a young boy carries another bomb in a satchel. After the opening credits, we see the scenes from two hours ago at the Ashok Baugh Market. A group of friends head to their next destination as the place blows up.

We then cut to Kabir’s house where he is heading out for the Delhi Police Raising Day celebrations. His mother compliments his uniform, saying that she is talking just like Rashmi and looks at some photos on the wall. Just then, he receives a phone call informing him about the bomb blast. He frantically calls his senior Vikram.

Vikram is also getting ready for the celebrations. We see his wife and his son at his house, and Kabir calls Vikram and gives the update. Vikram warns his family and leaves.

At India Gate, two young boys find another bomb. Vikram receives the update and turns to India Gate. The young boy refuses to let go of the bomb fearing it will explode. Kabir and his team ask the boy to identify the culprit, and Kabir receives another tip about a bomb. Vikram asks the boy to hand over the bomb. Thankfully, the squad successfully defuses the bomb at India Gate but they hear a blast nearby.

24/7 News Head Office is in a chaos regarding the blasts. They receive an anonymous email from Indian Mujaideen about six bomb blasts in Delhi. Another blast occurs at Daulatganj. A bomb is found at Indralok Hospital where patients are still in ICU. Kabir heads to the car and takes the police armoured vehicle and pushes the bomb-laden car into the biomedical waste house.

The police force get to work cleaning the bomb blast affected areas and get things in order. Kabir instructs the police force to give their everything to solve the case. Vikram gives further orders to get the investigations under full swing.

The young boy from Ashok Baugh Market describes a possible culprit. Kabir and Vikram round up a suspect from the market as Vikram talks to his wife after a long day. They interrogate the suspect and threaten to kill him when he does not give the right answers. But he falters at the threat and gives a tip about a few suspicious men staying at Feroza Nagar.

Vikram and Kabir brief their superior officer at the Delhi Police Headquarters. ATS team from Mumbai is helping in verifying the matter. When the chief asks if DPF had any idea about it, Vikram says that Gujarat Police intelligence suspected Delhi to be the next target after Ahmedabad blasts. But there was no intel for the actual day of the blast.

The day was chosen as a challenge to the DPF. Just then, we are introduced to the antagonist as the young boy confirms a suspect’s sketch. He is a young Muslim boy living in a community, and he flirts with a young woman named Saba. He speaks in a cryptic language with an older man, while the DPF chief addresses the press regarding the blasts as the episode comes to a conclusion.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of Indian Police Force introduced us to most of the characters who would be pivotal to the story. The action was shown on a big scale, thus adding to the visual appeal of the story. Tapping into the idea of patriotism, and the sheer strength of the police force, Rohit Shetty once again gives a salute to the police.

The first episode thrusts the audience right in the epicenter of action and then slowly branches out to flesh out the characters. We see Kabir mention a certain someone named Rashmi, then we also see Vikram leading a relatively balanced family and work life. Except for Shilpa Shetty’s character, who was not introduced in the first episode, the rest of the women are limited to the roles of mothers, housewives or girlfriends to the male counterparts. Hopefully as the story goes ahead, these characters will turn out to be more nuanced.


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