Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Review – The desi cupid is back with an entertaining new series

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The marriage reality show on Netflix follows a set of clients from the Indian diaspora, who are eager to find their life partner and settle down. They frequently experience highs and lows during their journey with matchmaker Sima Taparia, who teaches them a lot regarding themselves as well as the dating process as a whole.

The third installment features a dynamic cast of highly affluent Indians who reside in India, the US, as well as the UK. We follow them as they attempt to negotiate the perilous waters of a planned marriage. Sima Taparia, a Mumbai-based resident and expert in the profession of matchmaking, is their voice of reason throughout their journey.

While there are some familiar faces alongside a few fresh arrivals in Season 3, the show’s concept and format stay exactly the same. The show takes us through the lives of a few clients looking for the person of their dreams over the course of eight episodes. Each client has their own collection of principles and standards that their potential partner must meet in order to live up to expectations. This then concludes with a date.

The reality show offers an entertaining interpretation of India’s long-standing custom of arranged marriages. Furthermore, it’s a bold choice on the part of the creators to present such an idea as an online show during an age when online dating and casual relationships are taking over the lives of young people and the thought of arranging a marriage is fading. However, it certainly connects with viewers and somehow hits the right emotional highs.

In the third installment, Sima extends her client base to London and assists her clients in locating partners who check off all the boxes on their predetermined list and to who they could see themselves getting married to.

There have been a lot of differing opinions about Season 3, and for good reason. However, everyone agrees on a single thing whether they approve of everything that’s presented or call it an insensitive show: Sima Taparia, also known as Sima Aunty, can’t be ignored. Sima Aunty’s energy has sustained the TV show for three consecutive seasons and everything about her, whether it be her boisterous temperament or her hilarious claims, makes the process entertaining, which in turn greatly helps the show.

Furthermore, Sima Aunty has become wittier this season. For instance, Sima chooses a bald man for Priya even though Priya specifically says she needs a man with a head full of hair on her checklist. When she disapproves of him before they have even met, Sima goes on to say, “Maybe Priya needs to open a salon so she can be surrounded by lots and lots of hair.”

The format of the show is quite humorous and entertaining to watch. True humor can be found in Sima Aunty’s bizarre list, which incorporates requirements established by her clients. It’s amusing to see how her clients’ demands for a partner continue to grow more absurd with each passing season. Additionally, she constantly asks picky clients to compromise (sometimes for a good reason, sometimes not), which is entertaining in itself.

For instance, Sima Aunty criticizes Vikash for favoring a Brahmin match. She remarks, “He doesn’t know anything about Brahmins nor is he practicing,” after hearing him mention that he consumes meat and alcohol. The sequence wherein “Brahmin” is removed from his list of requirements is my personal favorite bit in the season, as it’s absolutely hilarious.

Furthermore, the show cleverly deals with these clients and captures your attention. Although some of the clients are unreasonable, the ones who seem sincere are able to hold your interest, and you can’t help but root for them, which makes the episodes go by quickly.

Having said that, it is disappointing when you realize that even well-educated people rely on such superficial standards while looking for a partner to share their life with. Vikash’s expectations are set so high to the point where you might have to use an AI to come up with a match for him! He insists on dating a Hindi speaker but later turns down a date given that she was “too Indian” and spoke with a Desi accent.

Indian Matchmaking is ultimately just as enjoyable as it always has been. You’ll be hooked on this reality show once more; an addictive treat that’ll make you laugh, and invoke plenty of curiosity to keep you watching until the end.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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