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Slim, Trim and Educated
Just Find Me Someone!
I’m Trying My Best!
I Want To See You Again!
Take the Elephant out of the Room
It’s High Time
Marriages Are Breaking like Biscuits
Adjustment and Compromise


Netflix have been a roll recently with their various dating shows. From Love Is Blind to Dating Around, the streaming platform has really settled into a consistent rhythm with these different titles. Next up on the ever-evolving list of shows in this genre is Indian Matchmaking. Taking the best elements from both of those aforementioned shows, Indian Matchmaking manages to both educate on the arranged marriage process and entertain with its array of eccentric and interesting people along the way.

Our guru and matchmaking expert here is none other than Mumbai’s number 1 matchmaker Sima Taparia. After a brief introduction to her resume and just why she’s so good at what she does, she greets different singletons and draws up a list of their desired traits. With this in hand, Sima sets to work matching up these different women with bachelors that match her criteria. It’s a pretty simple set-up and each episode bleeds into the next with plenty of successful (and not so successful) meetings taking up much of the screen-time.

Indian Matchmaking is actually a really enjoyable watch. There’s a lot of preconceptions around arranged marriages (or as it’s known in India, just marriage as love marriages are what the more traditional wedding propositions are known as) and Matchmaking does try to break some of the stereotypes that people hold around this. For that alone, Indian Matchmaking is well worth a watch but if you’re not sold by the first episode then it’s unlikely you’ll carry on.

However, for those that are inclined to stick around, the open endings to these episodes really entice you in to continue watching and seeing the first meetings and beyond play out – for better or worse. This is ultimately the big hook here that keeps you watching throughout.

The best part of the show though comes from these different attributes being listed on a separate splash screen. With accompanying sound effects and quirky lists drawing on the fun, bouncy humour underlying this one, Indian Matchmaking balances out the reality drama nicely. Alongside this are some really likable characters that pop up across the season and you’ll find yourself rooting for them and willing their marriages to be a success going forward.

Indian Matchmaking is another of those light, breezy reality shows that’s very watchable and easy to pick up. There’s a consistent tone throughout this series that makes both Sima highly likable and knowledgeable while patient enough to match up some of these picky men and women in the best possible way. While it’s unlikely to make a big splash in the streaming world, there’s enough originality to this one to make enough of a ripple to definitely check out.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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