Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull (2008) Ending Explained – What happens in the chamber of skulls?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull (2008) Plot Synopsis

A young man named Mutt Williams seeks Indiana Jones’ help to discover the truth about the Crystal Skulls of Akator. The two team up and embark on a menacing adventure. The stakes are nothing less than their lives as the Soviets are also after the powerful artefact to serve their selfish motives.

Why are the Soviets after the skulls?

The Soviets hold the belief that the crystal skulls come from outside the planet, and have great telepathic powers. The Superpower intend to exploit the skulls’ mystic capabilities to fulfil their dream of world domination.

The problem: they are not as skilled and knowledgeable as Indy and his mates to spot the artifact.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

How does Indiana Jones meet Mutt?

Indy and his partner, George “Mac” MicHale, are captured by Soviet KGB agents under Irina Spalko – who is in Nevada in search of the mummified corpse of an alien. Since Indy was the part of Roswell UFO Incident, the Soviets force him to reveal the location of the body. After Indy locates the body, Mac reveals he has joined the Soviets. Indy is finally rescued by FBI agents.

Mutt comes looking for Jones after his mother and Jones’ former colleague Harold Oxley disappeared after discovering a crystal skull in Peru. Mutt also hands a letter to Indy from Oxley.

Indy reasons that the Soviets have been following Mutt to get him to decode the letter. The two are attacked, but they manage to escape. After decoding the riddles in the diary, the pair head off to Peru in quest of clues.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

What happens in Peru?

At the grave of Francisco de Orellana, an explorer who went missing in the 1500s while looking for Akator – Indy and Mutt discover a skull. Indy believes Oxley must have hidden the skull there to protect it.

Soviet agents capture the two and put them in the same camp as Oxley and Marion Ravenwood, Mutt’s mother and Indy’s ex-lover. Oxley is dealing with a severe mental breakdown due to extended contact with the skull’s powers. Marion informs Indy that Mutt is his son, and his real name is Henry Jones III.

Indy, Marion, Mutt, and Oxley manage to escape from the Soviets. Later, they meet Mac who informs them that he is working as a double agent to bring down the Soviet. The group believes him, however, treacherous Mac has been dropping homing devices for the Soviets to track Indy as he head out for skulls.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

What happens in the chamber of skulls?

Indy and the team get to the temple that is filled with artefacts. With the use of the skull, Indy gains access to a chamber containing thirteen skeletons, one without the skull.

Spalko arrives in the chamber and informs Indy how Mac helped her. She places the skull on the skeleton. Subsequently, the skeletons telepathically begin communicating with the group offering to give a “great gift” to them all.

Spalko demands to have all the information about the alien life, which sees the skulls transform into an alien and begin transferring the information into her head. However, the quantity of information is so huge that Spalko’s head ignites, and she dies in rising flames. Meanwhile, Oxley regains his sanity.

The chamber is clouded by a portal to a different dimension. The temple starts juddering. Indy, Marion, Mutt, and Oxley escape, while Mac and soviet soldiers are consumed by the portal.

Back home, Indy marries Marion and gets the position of Associate Dean at Marshall College.

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