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You’d be forgiven for writing off Turkish vampire thriller Immortals as just another supernatural show. Under its conventional facade of blood-sucking fiends is a surprisingly well written show, full of twists and turns and an apocalyptic story that’ll have you gripped from start to finish. Boasting deep characters, full of secrets and flaws, and an easy villain to hate, Immortals has a lot going for it and shows there’s still life in an over saturated genre.

In its most simple form, Immortals is about a woman called Mia who was turned into a vampire back in the 19th Century and travels to Istanbul to exact her revenge on the man who turned her, who happens to be Dmitry. With help from one of Dmitry’s inside sources Karmen, Mia attempts to infiltrate Dmitry’s ranks to gain his trust. Unfortunately, a growing contingency of vampire hunters around the city capture her and as she speaks to her captors, makes a bold decision to help Sercan’s group in their quest to hunt the vampires. 

To complicate matters further, Dmitry’s end-game involves finding an ancient dagger that’ll swing the balance of power in his favour in the upcoming war. As the episodes tick by, a dark secret held by Numel is revealed whilst Mia’s confliction over which side she should be on comes to the foreground. All of this builds toward one final push after casualties are felt on both sides of the war. As the vampires and humans gather their forces, the final episode sees the resolution to this tale but leaves one final, shocking reveal for the climax that leaves the door wide open for a possible second season.

With distinct neon colours splashed throughout the 8 episodes and a costume design that looks ripped right from Blade’s wardrobe, Immortal’s aesthetic is unusual yet strangely familiar throughout. The dimly lit back streets of Istanbul are used well here and combined with the various flashback segments, make a great use of colour and striking locales.

It’s worth noting that Immortals has some pretty brutal scenes here. From vampires having their teeth ripped out and choking on their own blood through to torture scenes involving an electric drill, this vampire thriller is not shy about its depiction of violence. It does work well though given the context of the show and adds an extra element of unpredictability and danger to Dmitry who is consistently the stand-out here. Mia is a relatively easy character to empathise with too and along with Karmen and Numel, do an excellent job bringing their characters to life.

Immortals is simply a very well written vampire thriller, breathing some life into an otherwise tired genre. The neon lighting and decent characterisation combine with good set design and a well paced story to make this Turkish drama well worth checking out. I do hope this one’s renewed for a second season too and given the way this one ends, it’ll be great to see Mia exact her revenge in a satisfying manner. Regardless, Immortals is a surprisingly engrossing show and highly enjoyable from start to finish. If you’re a fan of vampires or are looking for an easy to binge show, you can’t really go wrong with this one.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

5 thoughts on “Immortals – Netflix Season 1 Review”

  1. Genuinely one of my favorite shows. It’s raw and unapologetic and tackles moral questions in an interesting way. I especially love the show’s overarching theme of human nature and our relationship to death. Some of the plot points are rushed, I’ll concede that, but they only add subplots that give the story more substance. I love how the show discusses the idea of life without death. I do wish they would have given Dmitry’s grief with humanity more time and shown how he specifically was wronged. The intermixing of Karmen’s, Goran’s, and Mia’s backstories is genuinely one of the best parts of the show. I do really enjoy Sercan as well. I actually really like the ending- it is the natural conclusion of the plot. The story demonstrates how vampires work and sets up the ending from the very beginning. It’s definitely worth watching.

  2. It was painfully slow and the characters kept acting as if they were working on a soap, the dialogue was bizarre regardless of who conversed with each other. It felt as if they were unfamiliar with the language and their scripts. The only bonus for me was it worked wonders as a sedative. The decor made me itch and worry about roaches. The humans were pitiful and constantly seeking reassurance from each other I felt transported back to the sandpit at kindergarten. The posturing was overdone and silly. Considering these were people used to live in the belly of society yet it felt as if they were all very uncomfortable with their environment and each other. Not even going to give it a score.

  3. It’s a very interesting vampire story and well acted cast. I wish there was more seasons to watch.

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