I Know What You Did Last Summer – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Episode 7 of I Know What You Did Last Summer begins with Clara whispering while preparing Lennon’s body for the next life. After pouring honey over her, she takes a vial with a spider in and puts it up next to the girl’s ear. Riley happens to be knocked out on the floor, just as Dylan shows up.

The townsfolk begin turning on Clara after this. Determined to take maters into their own hands, and with guns and weapons to boot, Kelly tries to calm the mob down. She – like all the others there – believe Clara is behind all of this and that she has Riley as a hostage.

While this is going on, Allison winds up on the phone to her mum but she’s not exactly in a talkative mood. When she hangs up, and Allison speaks to Margot about her frosty greeting, Margot suggests she send over the newspaper reports about Lennon’s death, just incase she hasn’t seen it.

Kalama and Lyla receive a tip-off about the cave from Bruce. Heading inside, they find Riley and Clara both covered in honey. Bringing Riley out in a stretcher, Dylan concocts a story about escaping through a lava tunnel, which Margot and Allison absolutely buy into.

With Riley dead, the town go into mourning. Margot is also leaving for the Hoffman Institute, given she’s mukbanging (binge-eating for an audience) again. We’ve seen her going through a lot over the weeks, struggling to keep it together, so this seems like a good step forward for her.

We then jump forward three weeks later. Margot is back, Bruce is still sleeping with Lyla and the town is apparently free from the killer. There’s a whole lot of downtime from here, as Allison and Dylan get closer and eventually sleep with one another. After the deed, Dylan finds himself deep in thought as he comments how different it felt this time compared to at the party.

In private Allison breaks the news that it’s Lennon who actually died that night. Surprise, Dylan! Dylan is understandably shocked and eventually skips out, as everything breaks down into chaos. Just before he leaves though, Dylan confirms that he “set Clara free” that night at the cave.

While this is going on, we skip over to Margot’s place where she’s badly injured after being thrown through her back door and landing in glass. Allison scrambles down to the hospital to check on her while Bruce finds the girls’ mother waiting in the lounge. Dylan meanwhile, heads down to the police station, intending to speak to the chief about what he’s found out.

As the episode closes, Allison sleeps with Riley but in her sleep-induced state, she runs her hand over Allison’s scars, “You have them too.”

The Episode Review

So the penultimate episode of I Know What You Did Last Summer brings everything to a screeching halt as we slow down after Clara’s death. It’s still not completely clear why she died in the cave and what the end-goal is here with he cult but I’d imagine we’ll receive one heck of a lot of exposition in the final episode to make up for that.

Last Summer has been a weird show in many ways, with this second half far less effective than the first. The story has been unnecessarily dragged out for far too long and it’s not helped by the unlikable characters inhabiting this world too. There’s definitely something suspicious with Bruce, while the police are pretty useless overall in this town.

With the secret revealed to Dylan, interestingly Allison has a note in her drawer while she was reaching for a condom. Did anyone else see that? The words read “I’m here.” Could this be a foreshadowed sign of who the killer is? We’ll have to wait and see but for now, this penultimate chapter looks to be setting things up to stumble over the finish line. Can the finale redeem itself?

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  1. I noticed the paper that said “I’m here” too
    Did we see that in any other episode ? Did the killer use that before in Alisons room ?
    Dylan is sus
    Dad is sus
    Where was Kyle when Margot got pushed?? I have many questions

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