I Know What You Did Last Summer – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Sneaky Truck

Episode 6 of I Know What You Did Last Summer begins with Riley out in the woods, chased off Clara’s complex. After cutting her hands on the fence, she finds herself by the side of the road.

However, a car chases her, sending the girl rushing through the woods. This car *checks notes* sneaks up on Riley and manages to knock her off her feet. Eventually that’s followed up by several blows with a knife from our killer – Riley is dead. Or is she? As night turns to day, Riley staggers out the woods to the side of the road.

Allison wakes up next to Margot and begins looking into Fred Phillips. She can’t find him across any of the social media channels… until Margot suggests LinkedIn. And there he is.

Meanwhile, the police realize that the spiders are a crucial clue to try and find this serial murderer. However, they’re interrupted by Courtney, who shows up and reports that Riley has gone missing. The police refuse to do anything though, pointing out that 48 hours need to pass before they even think about conducting a search. For now, the police focus on the spiders and begin looking around the pet shops for clues.

Naturally, it falls to the kids to try and find evidence of where Riley may be. While out by the road, they find her severed hand and bring it back home (not to the police) while wondering what to do next.

Meanwhile, Bruce arrives to see Clara, pleading with her to leave. She refuses to do so though, and even remains silent when Bruce asks about Riley. Courtney starts texting and driving (honestly, what is up with everyone doing that in this show?) desperately trying to find the girl. However, she – along with all the kids – receive a GPS ping on their phones.

Riley’s phone happens to be connected to a digger, which essentially strings Courtney up by the neck when she tries grabbing the phone. Unfortunately she’s killed outside. Riley though is somehow still alive. Despite a severed hand and a piercing knife blow right through her chest, Riley staggers back home.

Meanwhile, Bruce finally speaks to Allison and admits that her mother is still alive. She’s part of this cult too but it’s not Clara. Bruce lied about her killing herself, as it turns out Fred Phillips was the one who convinced her mother to join in the end.

While Allison contemplates messaging him and trying to reconnect with her mother, Margot has another theory. She believes that Dylan is the one responsible for all this. However, as we cut across to Riley, she collapses nearby to her trailer as Clara looks down at the semi-conscious girl.

Dylan wanders through the sea cave where he finds numerous candles dotted about. He also finds Clara too, who drags Riley’s body into the room. “Tide’s coming in,” She warns, as it appears Dylan is actually working with Clara.

The Episode Review

Out of all the stupid decisions and ideas this show has gone for, the choice to have a car sneak up on Riley in the middle of the woods has to be up there on the level of dumbness. The whole scene is hilariously plotted too, and somehow we’re led to believe Riley survived her hand being cut clean off and a horrific knife blow right through the middle of her chest, leaving absolutely no blood as she crawls and staggers back home again… all day (when we see her first it’s daytime, then it’s night by the time she collapses) and not a single person saw her?

I mean, I know this show is farfetched but this is by far outright ridiculous. It also doesn’t help that this whole search is conducted by kids who, quite frankly, have done nothing to show themselves as redeemable characters. We’ve now got the added inclusion of this cult for good measure too, as it seems like we’re gearing up for a big spooky, supernatural reveal.

Whether there are more twists and turns to come remains to be seen but based on the poor plotting of the last couplie of chapters, it’s now abundantly clear why Amazon only sent the first four episodes out to critics. Will next week give us some crucial answers to this big mystery? We’ll have to wait and see.

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