I Know What You Did Last Summer – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Allison Is Sus

Episode 5 of I Know What You Did Last Summer returns to see Allison debate whether to hand in the anonymous texts to the police or not. Riley decides she shouldn’t, going on to reinforce how she has no ties to Dylan. Dylan however, happens to be down in the caves, etching Allison’s name on the walls but becomes spooked when he hears a rat.

Margot is in a rough way. She’s eating a lot, struggling to do her videos and clearly slipping into a depressive state. She heads over to Riley’s place later on, clearly intending to get some sympathy, but Riley is glued to her phone. So naturally, the pair end up gossiping about Lennon. She mentions how different she is now (you think?) but remains convinced that she’s still her BFF and will come around soon.

Flashbacks to the party show loads of parents hanging in the room next to the main party. Wait, hold on a second. Aren’t all these kids having sex, doing drugs and drinking? Maybe one or two parents may have overlooked this given the sheer number there but a whole troupe of them? Come on guys.

Dylan heads over to see Allison, deducing that Clara could well be the one responsible for all this. Her black van and ties to the cult are enough to convince Allison this could hold some weight. With no proof, they decide against going to the police until they can obtain some for themselves.

Before that, all the different kids are called to the police station, interviewed over the recent string of murders. Specifically, they bring up Allison’s OnlyFans account. Only, we know Lennon set this up but the others don’t know this. When Allison feigns ignorance and asks what it is, the officer tells her it’s a site for personalized pornography. Now, don’t get me wrong I know what this site is but that’s a bit disrespectful, given it’s actually a lot more than that and has subscriptions to all sorts of different topics and hobbies too. Anyway, I digress.

Outside the station, Riley and Margot throw shade at Allison, telling her she’s acting suspiciously. “No I’m not,” She retorts, as if that’s enough to convince them. But it does… brilliant!

The four show up at Clara’s place, intending to find evidence to use against her. The house is a no-go, with little to go on beyond a group photo and another showing Bruce and Clara smiling together. After an earlier joke about entering a creepy house being a horror cliche, Dylan suggests they split up to check out the rest of her compound.

With the kids creeping around the abandoned lot nearby, Riley tells Dylan at one point that she’s “the only reason he has a life.” What could this mean? Interestingly, the pair stumble upon a cage full of spiders we saw before, which have actually been imported and need to be kept cold. On a side note, there’s some fascinating general trivia here on amazon while this scene is playing, talking about the consumption rate of these arachnids.

Anyway, it soon becomes apparent that someone planted these spiders – is it really Clara though?

When Clara returns, she notices that she’s not alone. With a shotgun cocked, she creeps around trying to find who has broken in. Allison has a close encounter, hiding under the desk, but it’s Dylan who manages to save her by serving as a distraction. Allison manages to slip away but there’s a problem. Someone off-screen grabs a knife wedged in the tree stump.

The rest of the kids make it to safety as another flash to the past reveals Bruce and Lennon had an argument the night of the party and he left her in the middle of the road. It’s an interesting development, as we cut forward to the present again. Allison stays over at Margot’s place where she settles in for the night.

As the episode closes, we skip across to the woods where that knife now has fresh blood on it.

The Episode Review

I Know What You Did Last Summer returns and finally explains why only four episodes were given to critics for review. This chapter is a massive step-back for the series, with very little to go on beyond the kids walking into horror clichés… straight after calling them out. Whether this was intentional or an overlook from the script writers is anyone’s guess. Either way, this show appears to be dividing viewers, which brings into question the decision of releasing this weekly.

Beyond Clara being suspected and a couple of new clues, there’s really not a lot else going on here. How on earth the kids haven’t even thought about the idea of Lennon being killed that night rather than Allison is beyond me.

This chapter in particular brings up the suspicious behaviour Allison is adopting in a big way, but her timid “no I’m not acting suspicious” is enough for the kids to drop the subject. Really?

Beyond that, there’s not any killing this time and the police jumping to wild allegations before actually finding evidence to back it up (“Courtney is definitely blowing Dale”) is a little disconcerting.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see just how many people drop off from this show over the weeks but while this isn’t exactly a filler chapter,  it’s not riveting TV either. Let’s hope next week improves.

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