I Know This Much Is True – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

College Woes

I Know This Much Is True returns for another strong dose of drama and while it’s not quite as heavy hitting or moving as the previous two episodes, the pressure over Dom continues to grow as he’s faced with a life-changing decision when Joy drops a bombshell reveal on him. Thomas also potentially may be getting out soon but with a hearing coming up and lots of pressure on Dom, will he manage to get through this without completely cracking?

Episode 3 of I Know This Much Is True begins in the past, as Dom narrates and tells a story of how Penny and Ralph were the other twins that shared their class. Although Thomas liked Penny, Dom did not and believed her to be a compulsive liar. In order to get his own back, Dom decides to lie himself and makes something up to get her suspended for 3 days. Only, Dom’s actions prevented her from returning and she ended up dead during this timeframe.

Back in the present, Dom heads back to Sheffer who reveals they’re dropping the charges regarding Thomas’ weapon but unfortunately he has a hearing on Halloween. She’s concerned about how quickly they’ve managed to organize this and pleads with Dom to be on his best behaviour in order to present the best defence for Thomas. Sheffer goes on to tell him she believes Thomas should be in a less restrictive place as he’s having a hard time of it. In order to get there though, Dom needs to write a script to paint a solid picture of Thomas’ persona.

From afar, Dom watches as Thomas has a hard time with the other inmates, bullied and treated poorly as he tries his best to get his cigarette lit.

This brings us back in time to college as Dom and Thomas have very different fortunes. Thomas struggles to get out of bed while Dom thrives, eventually meeting Dessa and drifting away from his brother. Dom’s short-fuse also becomes more prominent here too as this bubbles over when he lashes out at some boys.

Back home, Thomas and Dom talk about the act of sex before Thomas tells Dom he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. It’s a simple conversation but one that Dom remembers poignantly when he relays it to Dr Patel, especially given Thomas’ clarity and how he should have spent more time with him.

Dom sees Joy has a message from the doctors surrounding her results and as he takes the rubbish out, he sees an empty pregnancy test in the bin. As Joy arrives to see him while playing squash, Dom allows her to stay with him again.

Soon after, Dom has his security clearance approved and he’s allowed to see Thomas. Dom’s twin is unstable, difficult and distracted, going on to talk about Ray and asks for river water to help him. Dom lays in hard on his brother though and tells him to cut out the bible language. Suddenly, he mentions his niece and as he realizes she’s passed away he begins sobbing. Dom immediately gets up and hugs him – a scene that mirrors an incident in college where Dom hugged his brother after he breaks their typewriter and can’t type up his incoherent essay.

Dom returns home after his visit and learns that Joy is pregnant. He asks whether the baby’s his and walks away. In the middle of the night, vandals wreck his car prompting Dom to hurry out and chase them down the street. Following this, he snaps and heads out alone reminiscing of the fractured, awkward moments when Dessa returned and wasn’t herself after her trip. When Dom reveals he had a vasectomy, this appears to serve as the catalyst as to why they broke up. This also means Joy’s child is another man’s. Distracted on the road while mulling this over, Dom smashes his truck into a tree which is where the episode ends.

I Know This Much Is True’s latest episode offers up another strong slice of drama as we see Dom start to crack under the pressure and struggle to get his anger in check in the wake of Thomas’ ordeal inside the psychiatric ward.

On top of that, we also see the moments where Thomas and Dom start to drift apart from one another, most notably at college where Dom meets Dessa for the first time. Finding out he’s actually had a vasectomy hits home just how devastating Joy’s news really is, essentially publicly broadcasting that she’s cheated on him. It also makes Dom’s line asking if he’s the Dad more understandable now.

Quite what will happen with Thomas remains to be seen and going forward the hearing is going to be a crucial tipping point for these characters as we find out the fate of our troubled twins. I Know This Much Is True is certainly gearing up for some serious drama to come but for now, HBO’s latest drama continues to deliver the goods.


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