I Hate Suzie – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Changing Fortunes

Episode 7 of I Hate Suzie begins with Suzie trying to get her life back on track. She attends the theatre with Naomi but there’s obvious tension between them. Naomi has lost two clients thanks to the sex scandal. To make matters worse Carter shows up with his wife.

After the show they inevitably bump into each other outside. Only, Carter’s wife doesn’t know anything about the scandal and Suzie realizes Carter lost nothing. Unlike Suzie, who’s lost everything. That betrayal and sorrow she’s been feeling quickly turns to bitter and incredulous anger.

Given Carter’s wife left them an invitation to the fundraiser, Naomi suggests they arrive and try to find prospective clients. She takes Suzie’s position and immediately starts hustling. Eventually this leads her face to face with Genevieve herself where her opinion of her immediately changes.

Meanwhile, Suzie gets into character and starts auditioning. Afterwards she sits with the others and learns more about Carter. Apparently he’s known as the reverse firework in the showbiz world. As the auditions resume, they discuss the character of Monica and  what her motives are.

Of course, Suzie projects this back onto herself while anxiously glancing at her phone. Given it’s Frank’s birthday, she promised him she’d turn up soon.

At 5pm she rushes out but the Director throws some snidey comments toward her. Eventually Susie snaps and loses her temper. She sings curses toward the Director and walks out.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

When Suzie leaves, she immediately steps in dog poo which causes problems in the taxi. Eventually, she’s forced to stop at the shoe shop to pick up a new pair. The service is painfully slow though and she struggles to keep her temper in check.

Back at the party, Naomi receives some bad news in the form of Suzie being dropped from the project after her outburst. When Suzie finds out, she kicks off and takes her anger out at a random car on the road honking its horn at her. Only, the driver records the whole thing.

Eventually Suzie phones Carter and gives him a piece of her mind. Instead of heading home to see her son, she instead arrives at the fundraiser intending to destroy Carter’s life. Only, Naomi stops her from doing this.

This, inevitably, causes the duo to come to blows once again. When Genevieve sees, Naomi takes her side and decides to get back to networking. Suzie leaves the house and heads back home. Frank’s 8th birthday is a complete disaster and when she sees the dead rabbit, she loses her temper again. She strikes out at Frank and eventually sits at the table, stroking the dead rabbit.

The Episode Review

After 6 episodes of bubbling tensions, it all spills over into some incredibly messy and destructive rage. Seeing Suzie lose her temper and burn any bridges back to the showbiz world is really tough to watch. The incident involving the car outside is another great scene that captures the rawness of this anger spilling out but being sensationalized and used by the media as another weapon against her.

Interestingly, the red lights at the fund-raiser serves as a beautiful manifestation of Suzie’s anger. In a way, this episode showcases both Naomi and Suzie’s differing ways of dealing with extreme stress. For Naomi, she pours her energy into trying to salvage the situation. For Suzie, she just completely explodes.

This could, I guess, be brought back to her home life where things are pretty dysfunctional and certainly not stable.  Still, the episode serves its purpose and leaves the door wide open for the season finale.

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