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The Conflict

Episode 4 of I Hate Suzie is likely to be the most polarizing episode of the season. It’s also one that tackles some pretty big topics but through an unconventional form. The episode itself begins in the morning as Suzie is briefed on an upcoming interview. As she phones through to Athena, who works at The Observer, Suzie prepares for the questions.  Unfortunately it’s a complete disaster.

Naomi and Cob head off in the wake of this, with the former doing some damage control. With Suzie left alone, she engages in her own self-pleasure. These fantasies are constantly interrupted by Naomi who keeps asking questions about her desires.

In between various different scenes are moments involving Naomi and Suzie in a diner. They discuss fantasies and specifically what turns her on. When Suzie struggles to concentrate, she instead decides to get some toys.

It’s obvious there’s a conflict going on inside Suzie as she flits between fantasies including Carter and Cob. However, a package arrives at the door interrupting her for now. It’s enough time to message Naomi back who believes the man next to her on the train is pleasuring himself.

All of this eventually crescendos into Suzie finishing and Naomi phoning her at the station. She confirms that Suzie still has the role of aging princess and she’s emotionally blackmailed them into playing ball.

The Episode Review

Instead of the off-key piano chimes last time out, I Hate Suzie instead mixes things up and includes some rock music instead. The idea of using sex as a tool in playing out inner conflict is a bold one and something that will either make or break this episode for a lot of people.

Understanding Suzie’s issues and working through which man she actually wants to be with is interesting though and props for creativity in that respect.

On a more serious note, this episode includes the subtle but important inclusion of harassment. It’s telling that this man – in Suzie’s fantasy at least – is completely blurred out. It’s an idea that the victim is almost shamed while the attacker remains a nameless person. It’s a really subtle way of framing this and throws the trauma back on the female as the one really suffering here.

This definitely shines through and Naomi’s issues reflect a brief taste of what Suzie is currently going through.


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  1. Watch the continuity issues with the fruit in the kitchen .. with Suzie, husband and manager… has to be seen to be believed

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