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There are a few among us who hate Christmas and maybe Grinch was on to something. Some of us hate Christmas because of how exhausting it is to cook, clean and mingle with family members you honestly wish you were not related to.

For  Gianna, she hates Christmas because of the pressure her family, and in particular her mom, puts on her for being single. All single people over the age of 25 can attest that holidays can be the bane of their existence because there are always dreaded questions.

“Are you dating anyone at the moment ?” ; “Why are you single? “; “ I know this guy who would be perfect for you, should I plan a date for you guys?” As much as it is coming from a place of love, it can be condescending and annoying.

To avoid these relentless questions from her family, Gianna, who works as a nurse, lies to her family that she has a boyfriend. She promises to bring him over to the Christmas dinner but this only leaves her 24 days to find a man.

I don’t understand how she thought she could find a guy in 24 days when she has been trying for the past 3 years since she broke up with her ex. Where did she get this confidence? However, it is still raining men for her but they are just not “the one.”

Each man who shows interest in her has something glaringly wrong with them; there are red flags flying around her. Did she forget to tell Santa the specific list of what she wants from a man?  It doesn’t help that she lives in Chiogga, one of the most romantic towns in the world, especially during the Christmas season.  She is surrounded by love and beauty but it is hard for her to find her piece of it.

The script for the show is cliche and a bit worn out but the comedic scenes and Gianna’s ability to lead the story through her narration help viewers cruise through the show. The side characters also do an amazing job of pushing the script and setting the premise. It gives the audience a chance to focus on more than just Gianna’s holiday predicament.

There is also a lingering question too, revolving around whether Gianna really needs to find a partner to please her family? She is a nurse and for the most part, she seems to be enjoying her life but is worried about finding a man and starting a family. Is she worried because of the pressure her family exerts on her or she genuinely believes a man will complete her life?

This is a rather relatable comedy and the cast sustains this story throughout the six episodes. The only issue is the ending, it was a mistake to end this show with a mystery. After investing in the six episodes, you’ll find yourself desperate to find out what happens next. After all, it is the season of giving and this is supposed to be a holiday romance story!

If you are looking for a sweet holiday series and don’t mind ambiguous endings then catch this series on Netflix.


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  • Verdict - 6.5/10

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