If You Wish Upon Me – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Se-hee’s Last Wish

After Soon-ja has entered the room on the fourth floor and informed Tae-sik about the patient in the room, episode 4 of If You Wish Upon Me sees Gyeo-re having a nightmare in the Team Genie common room as he sleeps. He recalls his childhood and being bullied by students along with Joon-kyung. He also recalls watching her as a cam girl wearing flashy clothes.

Gyeo-re recalls feeling suffocated as Joon-kyung sets their house on fire. He wakes up the next morning with a jolt but is interrupted by Soon-ja. She asks him to run an errand for her and calls him Little Captain. He seemingly enjoys the title as he is on his way to the shop with Sonny.

He gets a compensatory lollipop from the shop owner and as he leaves the shop, he decides not to smoke and eats the lollipop instead. The Hospice staff is excited to have Gyu-tae visit them to fulfil Se-hee’s wish. Seo-jin informs the elders that he was only doing this to save himself from a controversy.

Gyeo-re walks in with the items he shopped for Soon-ja and hands them over to her. The Team Genie members talk about how he is very handsome. Yeon-joo talks about the musical actor Gyu-tae’s personality and how she thinks that he is arrogant. Se-hee defends Gyu-tae and Yeon-joo claims she would never fall for someone like him.

Seo-jin rushes to let Yeon-joo know that Gyu-tae had arrived and the nurse rushes to see the celebrity. Everyone waits for Gyu-tae but Gyeo-re does not understand Yeon-joo and the others’ excitement. Gyu-tae talks to Tae-sik for a bit and he still has an attitude problem.

He is looking for Se-he and he picks out the photo Tae-sik had sent him. When Se-hee arrives, he is shocked over her changed appearance due to her illness as he states that she is not the one in the photo. Se-hee ignores his comment and reveals that she wants to do a musical show with an ensemble and not Gyu-tae alone.

Team Genie members volunteer including Seo-jin, Soon-ja, Yeon-joo and Gyeo-re. At the script reading, Gyu-tae is mean to Se-hee’s musical story but she is adamant to film it without edits. Everyone is co-operating but Gyeo-re who first makes a fuss about acting. Yeon-joo states that her and Gyeo-re’s characters will be a couple.

Gyeo-re initially bickers with her but eventually agrees to act in the show. They pick Tae-sik as the director of the musical and Gyu-tae leaves in a fuss. As they are leaving, Se-hee apologises to Gyeo-re endearingly which melts his heart. He accepts her gift and her apology with a snappy comment that he is here only to complete his community service hours but Se-hee understands his true feelings.

Gyeo-re and Yeon-joo bicker for a while so Se-hee and Seo-joon call them cute. He is irritated with her comment and picks on Seo-jin. Se-hee is practising the lines to her song and so are the other Team Genie members. As Seo-jin reads her script and lyrics at school, she is bullied by her classmates who call her names for hanging out with elders at the hospice.

They pass comments about her and a boy – Hyung-joon from her call notices. He observes her practice alone in the music room and leaves the school with her. They chat on their way home and he compliments her. He flirts with her and Seo-jin reciprocates. Hyung-joon wishes her all the best and leaves all flustered.

All members of Team Genie are having a blast practising for the musical. Surprisingly, even Gyeo-re is dancing and he gets mocked by Tae-sik as the two bicker in the dining room. Soon-ja makes him his first meal for her mission and it is curry rice that is served in school lunches.

The meal reminds Gyeo-re of his orphanage days and how he gave Joon-kyung only meat pieces back then. Present-day Gyeo-re tells Soon-ja that this meal could not do it for him but he still eats it due to Soon-ja’s determinations. He is helping her by making side dishes for the guardians of the patients when Yeon-joo enters the kitchen to grab some water.

Soo-ja asks her to taste what Gyeo-re is making so he feeds her a bite that accidentally stays on her lips and they share a moment that makes the nurse fluster. She rushes out saying the dish was bland but Deok-ja of Team Genie catches her looking inside through the door.

Dr Yang Chi-hun finds Sonny outside his cabin and pets him for a bit when the nuns rush in to find Sonny. The cast of the musical is practising their dance moves and having a lot of fun as Se-hee watches. Gyeo-re gets teased for not saying the line “I love you,” to Yeon-joo with confidence.

Dr Yang watches them together from afar and leaves after he sees Yeon-joo laughing with Gyeo-re. That night, she asks Dr Yang to rush to see a patient who has passed away and injures her ankle. Gyeo-re watches Yeon-joo well up as the patient’s daughter breaks down.

Tae-sik drives the family of the patient and her daughter away for the funeral asking Yeon-joo to stay back. Dr Yang comes outside to give Yeon-joo a relief patch for her pain. They converse about his decision against her work at Team Genie and they chat up about Gyeo-re. Yeon-joo speaks about him excitedly and Dr. Yang seems uneasy.

Tae-sik and Gyeo-re arrive the next morning and he lets Gyeo-re crash in the car. Tae-sik talks to Dr. Yang about how the latter saved his life when he arrived at the Hospice as a patient and requests him to rejoin Team Genie. That night, Gyeo-re wakes up in the ambulance and cribs about his back hurting. He notices the light turning on in the room on the fourth floor and goes to check up on it.

Gyeo-re finds a dozing Yeon-joo at the reception of the hospital and looks at her endearingly. He ends up grabbing onto her hair bun when she is about to hit her head. Yeon-joo wakes up and grabs Gyeo-re’s hair too as they two bicker again. He then asks her about the room and she continues with Tae-sik’s story about the ghost.

The next morning Tae-sik and Gyeo-re bicker again when he asks about the former’s son as well as the room. Tae-sik mocks him and asks him to focus on the musical instead. Gyu-tae is less than interested in the play when Se-hee is explaining things to him. This infuriates her and she loses her calm.

Hyung-joon begins filming the argument so Gyu-tae puts on a good-guy appearance and complies with Se-hee’s instructions for the camera. During the rehearsal, Gyu-tae’s heart suddenly skips a beat when Se-hee’s hand touches his. Meanwhile, Gyeo-re is overwhelmed as Yeon-joo gets too close to him during the rehearsals.

That night, as Gyu-tae leaves, Se-hee apologises to him with a gift that makes him fall for her. He is flustered on his drive back and he makes the gift into something more than it is assuming that she knitted the gloves for her. He plans on starting a relationship with Se-hee but his manager is against it.

Soon-ja finds Dr Yang eating ramen in the kitchen so she whips him up a quick meal. She asks him to continue to hang out with Team Genie but he gets uncomfortable. He wonders if a woman would like a man who has opposite ideologies to hers referencing the equation between him and Yeon-joo.

Soon-ja thinks the woman would be disappointed and he eats his meal in silence. The next morning, Team Genie members are setting up the musical stage. Gyeo-re notices the tattoo on Yeon-joo’s arm. Everyone enjoys a meal together and Gyeo-re is surprisingly, with them as well.

After everyone leaves, Gyeo-re asks Yeon-joo about her tattoo and why she is obsessed with working out. She explains that she wants to be strong for the patients. Yeon-joo reveals that had a mother who was terminally ill. As a young girl, Yeon-joo was not able to carry her mother to the hospital when she needed medical attention.

Gyeo-re is charmed by her words and he starts to smile. She states that the tattoo is a reminder for her that death is not the end. The line sends Gyeo-re into thinking when Yeon-joo gets a call. Se-hee has collapsed and is too ill to perform. Dr Yang is adamant and is against letting her have more medication but she states that it is her wish to perform on stage.

He leaves adamantly and Se-hee starts crying. Yeon-joo rushes to try and convince Dr. Yoon when he publicly yells at her. Upon seeing this, Gyeo-re intervenes and calls him out in Yeon-joo’s defence. Dr Yoon asks Gyeo-re what his authority is, with the latter proudly stating he is Team Genie and that he grants patients’ wishes.  

The Episode Review

I honestly did not think every single episode of this K-drama was going to make me sob my heart out. I wish I had more time to prepare myself for how the show is panning out to be. Gyeo-re is someone who deserves so much more love than he was given all his life and I think Yeon-joo is someone who has the potential to change that.

Se-hee is such a cute little girl and I hope she somehow is able to make it. However, the plot of the show is definitely not going to let us have one day of peace so I am sure Se-hee will be dying in the next chapter. The romance between Yeon-joo and Gyeo-re is already budding and it is only 4 episodes in!

I love the relationship between Seo-jin and Hyung-joon and the fact that everyone in Team Genie is in pairs. Dr. Yang is clearly in love with Yeon-joo but I guess the phrase, ‘you snooze you lose’ actually applies here!

Gyeo-re and Yeon-joo had an instant connection, one that Dr. Yang was not able to make in years working with Yeon-joo. I hope he accepts that positively instead of turning evil in the latter episodes!

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