If It’s With You (Japanese BL) – Episode 5 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 5

Episode 5 of If It’s With You starts with Ryuuji jogging towards Amane at the festival entrance. Amane is at a loss of words initially but his sweet charms reflect nonetheless. He says that he is feeling elated and his heart is beating fast because he finally met Ryuuji after so long. Ryuuji says that he feels embarrassed about Amane’s choice of words. The two head to the festival and mull over what to eat. 

The two sit down in a benched area and indulge in the food. Ryuuji is overly excited about the variety and cheerfulness the place has to offer. Amane says that he was not aware that Ryuuji finds joy and cheer at such places. He is pleasantly surprised to see a new side to Ryuuji.

Ryuuji flirts with Amane by saying that Amane looks lively when he is with Ryuuji. They share cute banter over Ryuuji’s comment. Amane’s voiceover speaks that he truly does feel lively and wishes that the time would stop.

Do Ryuuji and Amane watch the fireworks show?

Their moment is interrupted by their classmates – two boys and two girls. One of the boys comments that it is quite sad that it was just Amane and Ryuuji together watching the festival. He invites them to join the group but Ryuuji interrupts by saying that he should watch the fireworks with Amane only. The group then leaves.

Amane and Ryuuji head to watch the fireworks. Someone bumps into Amane. Ryuuji holds his hand to guide Amane through the narrow alley. Amane wonders if their classmates would think it is weird for just two boys to watch the fireworks. He says to Ryuuji that he almost became a liar earlier and hid the true nature of Amane and Ryuuji’s date.

Ryuuji wants to watch the fireworks with Amane, and he asks the latter if he wants to see the fireworks with him. Amane answers an enthusiastic yes.

Does Ryuuji accept Amane’s confession?

Ryuuji takes Amane to an off-beat path. He used to watch the fireworks with his family earlier but it is nice to see them with Amane now. Ryuuji wants to see them with Amane next year too but isn’t sure if the situation is still going to be the same.

Ryuuji mulls over before answering. He ruminates over the summer he spent. He was busy with the restaurant but he did miss Amane. He saw a set of blooms and wished Amane could see those. He thinks to himself that Amane would like the Calpis. Ryuuji then thinks that he should contact Amane soon.

Ryuuji wants Amane to enjoy eating the Whitebait Rice again. He says to one of his customers that he is waiting for something this summer. At night, he is at home doing homework. He picks his phone to text Amane but does not send any. He is still anxious over the silence from Amane’s end.

He sees his mother praying at his father’s shrine. He asks if his mother is still sad, to which she replies she is lonely instead. She says that she thinks that his father would like certain things when she looks at them but he is not there to experience those anymore. She terribly misses him. Hearing his mother say those things makes Ryuuji wonder if he does feel something more for Amane. 

How does Amane react to Ryuuji’s answer?

Back at the festival, he begins to answer and is cut off by Amane who profusely apologises and begins to leave. Ryuuji stops him and says that he wanted to answer Amane’s confession but he did not know how to contact Amane. So, Ryuuji maintained silence. 

Ryuuji said that he wanted to see Amane. He also adds that his emotions at the moment might not be enough to say that he likes Amane. But if he was to meet someone because he wants to, he would like that person to be Amane. Ryuuji says that if that is the privilege of being one’s lover then he would like to date Amane. 

Amane is visibly stunned at Ryuuji’s confession. He almost breaks down into tears but the tension breaks and the two sit down to enjoy the fireworks. Amane asks if he could kiss Ryuuji and they do so briefly. The two are jittery like a new couple.

Amane wishes to kiss Ryuuji again, but his thoughts are cut off by an overhead announcement.

How does If It’s With You end?

The two get up to leave as the festival comes to a close. Ryuuji asks if they could kiss again. Amane says he does not need permission. The two kiss again.

They hold hands and head back home. Both think the same thing that the route is the same but it feels different now. They go for a walk at the lighthouse before heading home. They talk about their summer break and Amane gives Ryuuji the cat figurine keychain he bought earlier.

The following montage show them making plans about the coming days and places they could go for dates. It is soon dawn. Amane says that he is glad that he came to Enoshima. Ryuuji echoes the sentiment. The two then head back home as the sun rises over the horizon.

The Episode Review

Talk about a sweet ending! Amane and Ryuuji’s story is quite a wholesome viewing experience. The show has a mature take at a homosexual romance, while at the same time manages to keep the innocence of a high school love alive.

There was no rush, no forceful intention and no unnecessary drama created in the story. The focus was kept on Amane and Ryuuji and their developing feelings. It feels great to see such a refreshing storyline in a long line of Japanese BL dramas which have more or less the same trope and predictable plots.

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