If It’s With You (Japanese BL) – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of If It’s With You starts with a peek into Ryuuji’s past. Ryuuji’s father asks a young Ryuuji if he likes working in the restaurant. Ryuuji replies he does not quite like it because he does not get to hang out with his friends and that he is also scared of his mother. His father says he too, is scared of Ryuuji’s mother.

His father then asks if Ryuuji enjoys cooking and Ryuuji says yes. Ryuuji likes it when the food turns out to be delicious and he receives compliments for the same. His father compliments Ryuuji’s cooking. He informs Ryuuji that he has sent Ryuuji’s mother to attend to the restaurant. When Ryuuji says his father could have done it alone, the latter replies that he is just worried.

The scene ends and we are brought back to the present. Ryuuji is again sleeping in class and Amane wakes him up. The two share banter about their mid-terms and studies.

After school, the duo meets at Ryuuji’s place to study. Amane is lost in his dream world again, and he asks Ryuuji how much he would like to score and Ryuuji he is fine with just passing. Amane says Ryuuji will have to take extra summer classes, but Ryuuji expresses his dislike towards those classes.

As the two begin studying, Amane is acutely aware of the close proximity. Amane says Ryuuji’s is a fast learner and Ryuuji instead says that Amane is a good tutor. Amane excuses himself to go to the bathroom and finds Ryuuji’s father’s shrine on his way.

Ryuuji catches up to show Amane the way and informs him that his father died from an illness when Ryuuji was in 7th grade. He reminisces over his father’s love for the restaurant and laments that he never felt the same way. That is the reason why he wishes to help at the restaurant day in and day out.

Amane goes to the shrine and offers a prayer. He speaks about Ryuuji’s kindness and his helpful nature. He speaks how Ryuuji helped him and made him food when he was starving. He says that his father need not worry anymore. Ryuuji remembers his father’s words to him. 

Ryuuji and Amane continue studying religiously. Amane prepares notes for Ryuuji. One day, the duo are at Ryuuji’s place. Ryuuji stretches a little as Amane’s sleepy head plops on his shoulder.

They soon receive their test results and Ryuuji has passed all! The two hug and share the joy. Amane is conscious of the proximity again and takes off from the class. Ryuuji catches up to Amane and offers to buy him a cold drink as a thank you for Amane’s tutoring.

Ryuuji remarks that Amane wants to be loved by everyone. Amane says that is not true. He just wants certain people to love him. To diffuse the situation, Amane exclaims about the weather. Ryuuji invites Amane for cold noodles at his house since the restaurant is closed on that day.

Amane meets Ryuuji’s sister Anna and his mother and introduces himself. Ryuuji’s mother says that she has heard about him from Ryuuji. Amane is happy to know that Ryuuji spoke about Amane at his house. Ryuuji’s younger brother Tatsuki calls Amane as ‘Gluttonous Amane’. Ryuuji says he didn’t say that.

It is soon dinnertime. Amane is happy to have a meal with people around him. Ryuuji says that he has given Amane a larger portion. Upon eating the noodles, he exclaims in excitement. Ryuuji’s family shares the joy. Tatsuki offers his portion to Amane – so do Ryuuji and Anna.

Amane is happy to have had such a joyous and fun meal. He also feels that his romantic feelings towards Ryuuji are growing. Amane and Ryuuji soon head home. Ryuuji thanks Amane.

Ryuuji says that he took it upon himself to look after his family and the restaurant after his father passed away. He says that his father’s words “I am worried” grow on him sometimes when he lets himself become too much focused on his family and restaurant.

When Amane spoke about Ryuuji at his father’s shrine, he took away some of Ryuuji’s worries, and that is why Ryuuji thanked Amane. Ryuuji thinks he is lucky to have Amane by his side, and he walks ahead as a stunned Amane looks on.

Amane runs up to Ryuuji and hugs him from behind. When Ryuuji protests that Amane is at it again, Amane confesses his feelings to Ryuuji. He says that he does not want an answer but he just wants to confess.

When Ryuuji begins to speak, Amane cuts him off and dashes home. The episode ends with a stunned Ryuuji looking at Amane’s slowly disappearing figure.

The Episode Review

For a drama that is short in duration, the story definitely is speedy. Trailing a classic romance trope of stolen glances, close proximity, If It’s With You presents a delightful turn of events for the character arcs.

With just two episodes left, it will be interesting to see how Ryuuji responds to Amane’s confession. Ryuuji does see Amane as a good friend who is genuinely good. But does he see Amane as a romantic partner? Let’s find out together next week!

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