If It’s With You (Japanese BL) – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of If It’s With You aka Kimi to Nara Koi wo Shite Mite mo begins with the scene shifting to the bathhouse where Amane asks Ryuuji if he minds coming with Amane. Ryuuji says he doesn’t.

Amane jokes if Ryuuji is okay with Amane ogling him to which he says of course he isn’t okay with that. Amane mutters to himself saying it has been a while since he visited a bathhouse. Ryuuji asks when was his last time, and Amane says perhaps in his high school.

Ryuuji objects and asks in a serious tone when Amane made light of situations and joked about is sexuality. Amane ponders for a few seconds before replying. He says that he used to like someone back in high school. He also alludes to the fact that he had not yet come out as gay. He confessed to one guy whom he thought would understand. But that guy laughed at Amane’s faced. Amane was shocked for a moment but laughed it off with the guy. Since then, Amane has been joking around. 

In the present, Amane says that he is a scaredy-cat who is afraid to get hurt. He abruptly leaves. Amane is resting on a bench as Ryuuji gives him a drink. Amane remarks that Ryuuji drinks like an old man. Ryuuji says that is the way to drink it.

Amane apologises to Ryuuji for coming out as gay to test Ryuuji’s reaction. He justifies it by saying that it is cowardly but better to know earlier than to get hurt later. Ryuuji consoles Amane by saying that the latter need not force a smile since it is Amane who gets hurt with every joke. Amane thanks Ryuuji.

On their way back home, Amane says his mind and body feel refreshed. Ryuuji replies by  says such a bath cleanses one’s soul. Amare jokes that Ryuuji is again talking like an old man.

Amane asks why Ryuuji is always formal around him. Ryuuji said he did not realise he was doing that. Ryuuji immediately drops the formal language, thus goes Amane into a daydreaming land again! He is hopeful he could fall in love if it was someone like Ryuuji, but he is also worried.

The next day, a sleep-deprived Amane yawns on his way to school. Reason? He was up all night thinking about Ryuuji. Two of his classmates get a hold of Amane and ask him a bunch of questions.

Amane’s birthday is on February 25th. He likes cats more than dogs, and he might join the go-home club. The girls ask about his love and are giggling as Ryuuji enters the class.

He demands his chair back just as class is about to begin. Amane plays the questions game on Ryuuji. Ryuuji’s birthday is on November 27th. His blood type is O. He has a younger sister and a younger brother with whom he gets along just well. His special skill is sleeping which he also demonstrates in the class.

After the banter, Amane is relieved that there is no awkwardness between him and Ryuuji after the bathhouse confession the day before. The class is going on, Ryuuji is asleep and Amane is still thinking that he will only be in pain if he falls in love.

In the chemistry class, the teacher is about to erase the blackboard and a student next to Ryuuji grumbles that he was not finished taking the notes. Ryuuji hears this and asks the teacher to pause for a few moments. Amane notices this.

He also offers the teacher to carry a heavy box downstairs. He helps another classmate to clean the higher end of the blackboard. The two share a short banter. Amane notices this all. Ryuuji asks Amane if anything is wrong, and Amane brushes it off.

Two other students come in saying that it is raining outside. Amane confirms that there was a forecast of rain. Ryuuji does not have an umbrella and decides to run. Amane offers to walk home together under his umbrella.

Amane asks Ryuuji when did he become such a caregiving person. Ryuuji remarks that Amane was truly paying close attention to Ryuuji. Amane is flustered. The two launch into a childish banter regarding the umbrella. The sky clears up soon, and Amane wishes the rain hadn’t stopped and leaves without taking his umbrella from Ryuuji.

Amane wakes up with a cold and a fever. He heads out of his room to drink some water and sees Ryuuji there returning the umbrella to Amane’s grandma. Amane collapses and refuses to talk to Ryuuji or look at him since Amane thinks he must be looking terrible.

Ryuuji offers to get Amane up without looking at him. He stays with Amane until the latter has had his medicine. Ryuuji prepares to leave but Amane asks him to stay a little longer until he falls asleep. Ryuuji agrees.

Amane asks if Ryuuji remembers the time when he had cold. Ryuuji says that in elementary school, his sister had caught cold. Thinking he must do something for her, he had made her favourite dish – pork cutlet bowl. But he feels sad because his sister’s condition worsened after eating it.

Amane says that she must have been happy instead to have someone care for her. Ryuuji asks Amane about his memories. Amane said he mostly had to take care of himself since both his parents worked. He was lonely. Ryuuji assures Amane that he is here for him now. Amane soon falls asleep.

When he wakes up at night and remembers Ryuuji’s kindness. He realises that the kindness he had received before Ryuuji was all fake. When he goes out of his room, Amane finds Ryuuji is still there. He had just finished a meal with Amane’s grandmother.

Amane is touched by Ryuuji’s kindness. When Amane asks why Ryuuji stayed, Ryuuji says he wanted to see Amane’s face, and the latter is elated. The chapter then ends with a smile on Amane’s face. 

The Episode Review

Episode two of If It’s With You leads to a promising development in Amane and Ryuuji’s relationship. Amane spoke of his trauma with Ryuuji and opened his heart to Ryuuji. If one was to think of the tropes, this one is definitely “Amane fell first, but Ryuuji fell harder”.

One just cannot Amane’s cute charms! Both have shown immense maturity in talking about their feelings so far. With just three episodes to go, be ready to be on a roller coaster of emotions featuring AmaRyuu. (Yes, we coined them a ship name!)

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