IF (2024) Movie Review – A magical experience and a warm hug from an old friend


A magical experience and a warm hug from an old friend

Friends are an essential part of many individual’s lives but no force in the world can be sure of the fact that your friends will stay with you forever. As people grow, their friendships grow apart, and you make new friends and leave some behind. Such is also the case with the imaginary friends (IFs) we create as kids that we have to let go of when we move into adulthood.

The concept of Imaginary Friends is nothing out of the ordinary and many lonely kids have had their own IFs as children which they grew up to forget. Bringing back the child inside you by prompting you to reconnect with your IF, the 2024 John Krasinski movie feels like a warm hug from an old friend. 

The animated-fantasy live-action comedy, IF narrates the story of Bea who suddenly starts seeing animated creatures. Along with her next-door neighbour Cal, Bea starts looking for new matches for lonely IFs who were created by kids that are now adults. Bea and Cal struggle to get new kids to like and enjoy the existing IFs only to realise that even as adults, people need to be reconnected to their IFs.

The film is a magical experience through and through but I would not explicitly call it a children’s film. IF makes you go through a roller-coaster of emotions, from joy to grief to thrill. The film has an amazing set of voice actors, be it Steve Carrell as Blue – the big purple cuddly monster or Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Blossom – the sophisticated Ballerina.

From Matt Damon, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, Emily Blunt, Blake Lively, as well as Brad Pitt, it is a mystery how John Krasinski managed to get so many talented actors to lend their voices for the IFs. John plays Bea’s father and does a great job of being the supportive parent every child wishes for. Ryan Reynolds is Cal, Bea’s partner in crime who can also see IFs.

Cailey Fleming does a commendable job at playing Bea who goes through a horde of emotions throughout the film. While the first half of IF is quite engaging, the second half feels long-drawn due to the constant tonal changes. IF is well-made and urges viewers to reconnect to their inner child, making this a very fun watch for adults in comparison to the younger kids who may enjoy this one for the animated characters.

The film is a great family entertainer making for a fun weekend-watch. However, it is people who have lost touch with their inner child and are stuck in the trappings of adulthood that will truly enjoy this one. The film does not blow you away but leaves you with the urge to reconnect with old friends, real or imaginary, that made your childhood memorable.


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  • Verdict - 7/10

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