Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso (2023) Movie Review – A concise true crime event

The Angel of Death 

The last thing you expect when you go for a coffee with a friend is to die before finishing your beverage. That is exactly what happened to Mirna Salihin after drinking a Vietnamese iced coffee at an Indonesian shopping centre. The coffee was suspected to be poisoned with cyanide, and the prime suspect was her friend, Jessica Wongso, whom she had met up with.

This case is the focus of Netflix’s new true-crime documentary. Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso, and it’s one of the streamer’s best true-crime events of the year so far. It feels like Netflix is constantly releasing true-crime content, and it’s usually in the form of a three- or four-part miniseries, but this one is different and ultimately better for it. It’s just shy of 90 minutes and doesn’t let up for the entirety of the runtime, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and in shock. 

The case became Indonesia’s most talked-about case in years, and it was watched by millions across the country. It’s not long before the documentary draws comparisons with the O.J. Simpson case in America during the 90s. But the notoriety of the case is where the comparisons with O.J. end. This is a case that didn’t possess an overwhelming amount of evidence, and due to Indonesia’s justice system, there was no jury to oversee the trial, leaving the decision solely down to the judge. 

The documentary remains relatively neutral in determining Wongso’s guilt or innocence, as it allows the viewers to make up their own minds. This is definitely progress for Netflix after their previous propensity to spoon-feed the audience with the conclusions they want them to come to. Making a Murderer, anyone? 

There’s an interesting section that discusses motive and how it’s not actually a requirement to present one when trying a case, and this is particularly significant as the one that is put across doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny. It features interviews with Wongso’s colourful lawyer, who seems to believe in her innocence, while other contributors seem less convinced. Overall, the documentary is very well put together, and well worth a watch. 

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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  1. I learned several hard facts from this documentary:
    1) Don’t get accused of a crime in Indonesia. In fact, just don’t go to Indonesia
    2) The prosecutors got their training from a cracker jack box
    3) the victim’s father is a total ass hat. Somebody needs to look at that narcissistic ahole

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