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I Cannot Reach You – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

I Cannot Reach You

Episode 4 of I Cannot Reach You starts with the homeroom teacher announcing a school trip. Ashiya and Ohara’s group discuss Kyoto and Ohara gives a few suggestions. There is still a palpable awkwardness between Ashiya and Ohara. Ohara tries to be jovial around Ashiya but Ashiya finds it weird. He berates himself for being the only one who was worrying about their hug at the mall.

Ohara invites Ashiya to join him for lunch. Ashiya asks how does Ohara know so much about Kyoto, to which Ohara says that his father is from Kyoto. Ashiya remarks that there are still some things that he does not know about Ohara.

Ashiya asks where does Ohara really want to visit for the school trip. Ohara says he wants to visit Arashiyama and admire the view from the Togetsukyo bridge. Ashiya offers to go there on the second day of their trip. Their conversation is cut short after a few other schoolmates arrive at the terrace. The duo rushes back to prepare for the PE class.

All this while, Ashiya is continuously thinking about the hug from the other day and his status quo with Ohara. He slips on the stairwell but Ohara catches him. Ashiya is visibly stunned at the close proximity.

After the opening credits, we see Ohara pack up for his trip with his sister voiceover from earlier asking him to show more emotion. The group has finally arrived at Kyoto. Ashiya is not happy to see Hosaka getting close to Ohara. After their temple visit, the boys meets Fujino’s girlfriend and her group of friends who are also on a school trip. One of the girls suggests to go make the day into a date. Ohara removes himself from the situation as one girl approaches him.

On his way to the bathroom, Ohara hears two school girls talk about an amulet which will make one’s love come true if it is given during the school trip to the person you like. Ohara thinks to himself that he will be fine as long as Ashiya is smiling, even if he is not with him.

Hosaka finds Ohara eyeing the amulets and asks if he is going to give one to Ashiya. Ohara rubbishes the notion. On the other hand, we see the rest of the group try their hands at the luck cards. Ashiya receives a card warning him to be careful with the matters of the heart.

It is nightfall soon. The group retires to their rooms after a hearty dinner. Ashiya excuses himself to get a bottle of water. We see that Ohara did buy the amulets. Everyone else is preparing for the night, when Ohara receives a text from Ashiya to come outside. Thinking Ashiya to be unwell, Ohara rushes out only to find Ashiya fine and waiting to show Ohara the starry sky. They reminiscence about the times they used to look at the starry sky as children. We are also taken to a short flashback from their childhood where Ashiya consoled Ohara. Ohara expresses his gratitude and is about to confess when a sleepy Ashiya’s head falls on his shoulder.

The reverie is broken by their homeroom teacher. He asks the duo to take a bath and head to bed for he won’t be able to retire for the night if the students are still up. Ashiya is suddenly very conscious of going to the bathroom with Ohara. Ashiya is called by a girl classmate named Kurasawa who wants to give something to Ohara. The envelope contains a love amulet.

Ashiya settles in the lobby and Hosaka joins him. Hosaka wonders if Ohara hates him to which Ashiya says that it is only because Hosaka bothers Ohara so much. Ashiya adds that Ohara likes his personal space and does not like people who invade it.

Hosaka remarks that Ashiya would know so much about Ohara since they are childhood friends. Ashiya says that is not the case since they don’t tell each other everything. He also adds that he does not know what goes on in Ohara’s mind. Hosaka suggests Ashiya to ask Ohara. He also adds that people often hate him because he freely speaks his mind.

Ashiya says that the question being asked changes one’s equation with the other person. Things would just be the way they were if no questions were asked. Hosaka counters Ashiya by asking if he thinks that things won’t change if no questions are asked. He adds that ignoring or pretending to not see the change signals that the change has already happened.

Hosaka and Ashiya’s conversation at the lounge makes Ashiya ponder over his situation with Ohara. He finds the group playing a video game as he returns from the bath. Hosaka announces that a teacher is doing rounds for the night. The boys scramble around to hide the gaming console and pretend to sleep. The episode concludes as we see Ashiya end up on top of Ohara, amidst all the chaos.

The Episode Review

Well, forced and close proximity is probably the only thing that will get these two out of the awkward zone it seems! They are dancing a dance which seems to be in and off rhythm with each episode. But there is hope still. They are sorting their own feelings before approaching the other one, and that hopefully will lead to a heartfelt confession in the forthcoming episodes.

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