I Cannot Reach You – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

I Cannot Reach You Episode 3

Episode 3 of I Cannot Reach You begins in their classroom. As Ohara enters the class, he sees Ashiya engaged in a lively discussion over various types of bread rolls with other classmates. Ohara’s voiceover tells us about his growing and uncontrollable feelings towards Ashiya. Ashiya asks Ohara what his favourite bread roll is and he answers it is curry bread.

As Ohara looks into his bag, he finds another letter of confession tucked in. He wonders to himself if he would ever get to experience it and if it will disappear one day. Ashiya invites Ohara to eat curry bread while one of the classmates, Hosaka, looks at Ohara slyly.

Ashiya and Ohara share one piece of curry bread. Ashiya asks Ohara if he can come over to Ohara’s house sometime to continue the game they were playing earlier. Ohara asks if Ashiya wants to come over the next day. When Ashiya declines, Ohara thinks it might be that Ashiya is going on a date. But infact, Ashiya is going to babysit Riku since his mother is busy. He would be paid 1000 yen and he laments at the meagre number.

The next day, Ashiya, his mother and Riku are out shopping at the mall. He is already done with Riku’s tantrums but carries on for the 1000-yen payment. Ashiya runs into Akane at the mall. Ashiya’s mother removes herself and Riku from the situation and leaves Ashiya and Akane for themselves.

The next scene takes us to Ohara’s day out with his sister, Mikoto. He buys her food and things of her liking but himself refrains from indulging. Mikoto outright tells Ohara that she thinks he has a crush on Ashiya.

Akane and Ashiya are hanging out at a gift shop when they find a soft toy similar to the one Ohara got for Ashiya on the day of the group date. Ashiya’s overthinking spiral about the changing equation with Ohara is cut short when Akane calls him over to go to the next shop.

On the other hand we have Mikoto knocking some sense into Ohara regarding his feelings towards Ashiya. She tells him that he should not take it further if he won’t be able to see Ashiya happy with someone else. She also tells him that is the type to put others first. Ohara gets defensive and says that confessing his feelings would mean he is imposing them onto others. Just then he sees Ashiya with Akane.

On an impulse, he gets up and pulls Ashiya out of the store. He thinks that Ashiya lied to him earlier. Ohara’s voiceover informs us about his confused feelings. He pulls Ashiya into a hug as Ashiya turns to answer his phone. As they break the hug, Yamato looks at Ashiya with a pained expression on his face. Ashiya’s mom soon finds them and Ohara leaves in haste.

The next day at school, Ohara avoids Ashiya and also leaves early. Hosaka notices this and follows Ohara. He begins to pester Ohara with questions about his dating life while Hosaka also asks Ohara if he likes Ashiya since his feelings are quite obvious. He suggests that Ohara should confess soon if he does not want to continue longer. Ohara continues his stance about Ashiya just being friends.

Hosaka tries to make him see how confusing it can all be. Ohara dredges up some courage to talk to Ashiya after that, but he is unable to go ahead with it. On the other hand, Ashiya receives a text from Akane. As the episode concludes, Ohara finally accepts that he likes Ashiya.

The Episode Review

Ohara finally accepts his feelings towards Ashiya! Well, that’s a good first step. Well begun is half done, or so they say. The confusion and awkwardness between Ohara and Ashiya was getting too heavy to bear. Now that Ohara has accepted that he likes Ashiya in a romantic way, we can finally hope there will be some good progress.

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