I Cannot Reach You – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

I Cannot Reach You Episode 2

Episode 2 of I Cannot Reach You begins with Ashiya pondering over his and Ohara’s friendship. The two are sitting in their classroom when Ashiya asks Ohara to take the last shot. Their fingers slightly brush when they exchange the phone. Ashiya feels a little conscious of being around Ohara. 

As the two head home after school, the rest of the gang from the weekend group date meets them. They begin discussing the progress with their prospective dates when Ohara gets jealous that Ashiya is talking to his date and leaves abruptly.

Ohara crosses paths with his sister who mentions that she will be away at the club tomorrow. She suggests that Ohara might take advantage of the situation. Ohara refutes this claim but does mention that Ashiya is ‘his’. Ohara is surprised as well.

The next day, Ashiya and Ohara are playing games at Ohara’s house as decided. After a few fun moments, the atmosphere changes to a serious one. Ashiya begins an inner monologue about the sudden change in the air.

Ashiya confronts Ohara that Ohara hasn’t even looked at Ashiya in a while. Ashiya physically turns Ohara towards him which brings them very close. Ohara brushes him off.

Ashiya’s phone notifies him of a message from his mother. Ohara asks Ashiya about his blind date. Ashiya says it is not leading somewhere at the moment. Ashiya asks Ohara if he wishes for Ashiya to not have a girlfriend. Ohara confirms that to be true.

Ashiya accidentally spills the orange juice. In an attempt to save the juice, Ohara crosses over to Ashiya’s side bringing them close again. Ashiya rubbishes Ohara’s confirmation as a friend who would get lonely if Ashiya was to get a girlfriend.

The scene cuts to another PE period. Ashiya is still pondering over Ohara’s words and actions. He wonders if Ohara likes him romantically. Fujino also expresses a concern since Ohara and Ashiya haven’t spoken all day long. Ashiya expresses his fear over the silence.

After their class ends, Ohara asks Ashiya to accompany him to a bookstore but he is interrupted. Fujino informs that a junior female classmate wants to meet him. That is another love confession for Ohara.

Ashiya is waiting for Ohara, when their classmates once again launch into a dialogue about how Ohara is popular, handsome and also a crush for several female students in their school. Ohara overhears the conversation.

A classmate says that Ashiya is just a secondary character who is just being taken advantage of. Ashiya defends Ohara against the claims. He is agitated that others would think such negatively of Ohara and leaves in anger.

 Fujino catches up with Ashiya. He says that he too did think the same about Ohara but his thoughts changed after Ohara attended the weekend group date. Ashiya expresses his annoyance that it is wrong of others to compare him and Ohara.

Oh his way back home, Ohara blushes over Ashiya’s defense earlier in the class. He finds his sister Mikoto speaking with his classmates. Being an elder brother, he is wary of his classmates dating his sister.

At home, Ashiya talks to the soft toy that Ohara won for him. He wonders why he keeps on thinking about Ohara. The next day, Ashiya receives another test which he must submit in a day’s time. Ohara offers to help him.

The duo is back on speaking terms instantly. Ashiya’s inner monologue is all about Ohara. Fujino interrupts the peace and teases them about their reconcilliation. Ohara says there are things they can’t say to each other. A classmate then informs Ohara that a junior is waiting for him on the school terrace.

Back in the classroom, Ashiya wonders if Ohara is receiving another confession. His reverie is interrupted by a classmate who points out that Ohara has turned in the incorrect homework book. 

Ashiya rushes to the terrace. He wonders why he is doing what he is doing but goes to Ohara anyway. He asks Ohara if he received another confession. He is about to ask Ohara if he is going to date when Ohara approaches to brush Ashiya’s hair.

Ohara is stunned for a second there. His demeanour is cold towards Ashiya. He says that it is none of Ashiya’s business whom Ohara dates. Ashiya’s suspicion is confirmed that something is changed between the two.

Ashiya goes and hugs Ohara. He launches into a rant that he does not want their friendship to change. He wants them to remain best friends always. Ohara ponders over the term ‘best friend’ and agrees, even if reluctantly.

Ohara claims to himself that he does not want Ashiya’s smile to vanish. He wants to be next to that smile now and in future.

The Episode Review

Well, well! The tension is rising with every passing minute. Ohara’s feelings are growing more pronounced and so is Ashiya’s confusion. For a drama that is set to less than 25-minute runtime per episode, I Cannot Reach You has definitely picked up pace to complete the story in the coming weeks.

It will be truly heartwarming to see when Ashiya realises that his feelings towards Ohara might not be just about friendship but actually something more. As for Ohara, the poor child should be put out of misery soon. Might I suggest him to write a verse or two to lighten his mood, until Ashiya is done with his cute antics and realises what is actually happening.

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