I Cannot Reach You – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

I Cannot Reach You Season 1 Episode 1

I Cannot Reach You is a 2023 Japanese BL drama adapted from the manga of the same name. Episode of I Cannot Reach You, we are introduced to the lead pair and the side characters of this J-drama.

The lead pair are two childhood best friends who are contrasted to one another. While Ohara Yamato is the class topper and also a popular fellow, Ashiya Kakeru is more of a backbencher and under achiever.

As the episode begins, we see that Ashiya is sleeping at his desk and Ohara turns to look at him longingly. The scene cuts to Ohara receiving a love confession from his classmate Fujiwara. Ashiya and the group are watching the scene unfold. 

Ashiya and the group receive test marks thereafter. Ashiya scores just 28 points whereas Ohara scores 98. Ashiya laments how he and Ohara are childhood best friends when they differ so much. Ohara offers to coach him.

Ashiya clams that he cannot live without Ohara after the latter’s explanation make the questions sound easy. On the school terrace, the two split an ice candy. Ohara offers to take the short end, but Ashiya offers Ohara the extra bit. Ohara finds this scene rather intimate.

Ohara later mentions that he rejected Fujiwara’s proposal. Ashiya interjects that once Ohara gets a girlfriend, their daily routines will change. Ohara claims it could happen even if Ashiya gets a girlfriend. Ashiya asks Ohara if he likes anyone and Ohara instead says Ashiya’s name twice. Ohara says his name to bring his attention to the teacher bringing in the test scores.

When Ohara and Ashiya are heading to school, their juniors exclaim that the day will be a lucky one since they spotted Ohara. Just then, their friend informs them that Fujino, another classmate is now dating. Ohara interrupts the banter and informs that he is leaving.

The group of friends express their disappointment that Ohara is grumpy and only talks to Ashiya. Ashiya says that Ohara is just shy. At the school PE period, Ashiya and Fujino talk about girlfriends. Fujino offers to take Ashiya to a group date on the upcoming weekend.

During the PE period, Ohara injures his wrist after he accidentally falls. He heads to the infirmary where Ashiya later goes to check up on him. Everyone in the PE class thinks Ohara is just cold-hearted, but at the infirmary Ohara asks Ashiya to not mention his injury since their friend whose fall caused Ohara to also tumble, would feel bad. 

Ashiya being Ashiya, he mentions that if he was a girl, then the moment of him nursing Ohara at the infirmary would signal the start of a romance. Ohara gets nostalgic. 

He remembers the time when Ashiya offered to help Ohara through his struggles; the day signalled to be the moment when their friendship cemented. Back in the present, Ashiya invites Ohara to the group date on the weekend. Ohara agrees to join.

During the group date, every girl is simply mesmerised by Ohara despite his late entry. Ashiya catches the fancy of a girl. On his way to other activities, Ashiya overhears Ohara saying that he likes his childhood best friend.

Ashiya is slightly shocked to hear this. He wonders who the best friend is, while Ashiya and the girl try their hand at a claw machine and have a sweet moment. Ohara watches the interaction from afar and steps in to help Ashiya.

The girl has left by then for a short while. Ohara manages to get a soft toy but when the girl returns, she sees Ashiya holding a soft toy. She thinks it is for her, but Ashiya hesitates to hand it over. 

As the day comes to an end, the boys and the girls exchange contact information. Ashiya and Ohara walk back home, and Ashiya goes on and on about how Ohara is well-adjusted with the group. Ohara says that he was glad that Ashiya was there at the event.

After a awkward moment, Ashiya heads home and begins to think why he kept the soft toy after all. He also begins to think if Ohara meant that he likes Ashiya.

The Episode Review

The two are best friends but no less of a grumpy X sunshine pairing. Right from the first episode, we see Ohara looking longingly at Ashiya. Ashiya is blissfully unaware of Ohara’s feelings towards him until he traces back to Ohara claiming that he likes his childhood best friend.

For a drama that is short and sweet, it does have a rapid pacing. The makers leave  no space for distractions or unnecessary plot twists, although it remains to be seen how the rest of the episodes fare in comparison. Ashiya’s antics will definitely be an interesting point!


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