I Came By (2022) Ending Explained – What does Toby find in Hector’s basement?

I Came By Plot Synopsis

There’s a graffiti artist out there terrorizing people’s homes, breaking in and leaving the note “I Came By” scrawled across the walls. This artist is no Banksy though, generating mixed reactions from the public.

It soon becomes clear that the culprit is a rebellious, angry, young adult called Toby. He can’t hold down a job longer than a week, is upset that his best friend Jay is having a baby (as it’s less time to fool around and spread their activist message) and he doesn’t respect his mum, Liz.

Despite all this, Toby sets his sights on Hector Blake as his next victim. Well-respected in the community and with a good relationship with the cops, Toby decides to break into his place and figure out if there are any juicy details he can get hold of. Unfortunately, what he finds inside is a shocking secret that turns his life upside down and brings with it a spiraling sense of doom that swallows up not just Toby but also his mother and best friend too.

What does Toby find in the basement?

Toby breaks into Hector Blake’s place at night, shutting off his WiFi connection and, subsequently, his security system. Once there, he finds cable ties, torture tools and photos of Hector’s school days.

There’s also a picture of a naked guy on the bed and another with a kid sporting a bloodied eye. There’s also a hidden door too that holds someone inside who’s beaten and bloodied. It’s clear that this isn’t Hector’s first rodeo and he’s been doing this for a while.

Toby tries to break the kid out but unfortunately Hector returns home and he’s forced to abandon that plan. Toby tries to blindside Hector but he slips on a puddle of blood and crashes on the floor in front of the crazed man. As a result, Toby is killed and cremated, with his ashes flushed down the toilet.

72 hours pass and Detective Sergeant Ella Lloyd starts to investigate. Unfortunately Jay is number 1 suspect given he’s acting shadily and there’s weed in his car. Although Jay is free to go without cause for an arrest, the focus shifts here to him and Liz. Jay shows Liz a letter Toby had stashed away in his drawer, alongside some pills and tools. This letter is from Hector Blake. His close ties with the police make it near impossible to get an arrest.

Who is Hector? Why is he doing this?

Hector’s issues stem from his past and his breaking point appears to also be his wife, who’s currently residing in a psychiatric hospital. Hector had a bad relationship with his father, and everything he’s doing is essentially a big F you to him. The large portrait up on his wall is a reminder of the man he never wants to be.

So where did everything go wrong? Well, as a kid Hector’s father took on some hired help in the form of a young Indian-Persian called Ravi. Hector’s father took him under his wing and treated him like a member of the family. Eventually he decided to take Ravi to bed, pushing Hector’s mum out and forcing her to stay in the guest room.

Heartbroken and upset, Hector’s mother slit her wrists and died. Hector was the first person to find her.

Since then, he’s been screwed up and hellbent on revenge. He killed Ravi but that’s not enough, he’s been consumed by his anger and wants to gain revenge on anyone that stands in his way.

Ironically, Hector actually put on a façade of being a fair and just judge, working to champion equal rights within the justice system whilst simultaneously targeting those minorities on the fringe of society. Toby ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, hence him being killed.

Does Liz get her revenge?

Liz does some research online and learns more about Hector Blake, including details of his court cases and life as a judge. Determined to get some answers, she breaks into his place alone after Jay refuses to help her. Unfortunately, Liz is also captured much like her son. She refuses to help Hector and as a result, is killed.

Jay is scared when a week passes and no one has heard from Lizzie. The house is abandoned and the flowers are withering and dying. He eventually confides in Naz and tries to get to the bottom of this.

How does I Came By end?

Jay follows Hector back to his new house, sneaks up to his bedroom and attacks him with a bat. The pair fight and Jay beats Hector to a pulp. He breaks into the garage, finds an innocent man in the hidden room and phones the police.

Jay does what Toby couldn’t – he manages to free the prisoner. Now, this isn’t the same prisoner we saw earlier talking to Hector however, this is a brand new victim. After wrapping the guy in a blanket, a bloodied Jay leaves the scene of the crime and phones Naz, trying to hold back tears.

Inside the house, blood spatters and a beaten Hector (who’s still alive) are right there, ready for Ella to make her arrest. Up on the wall are the words “I Came By” to show that the legacy of the graffiti artist will continue. Either that, or this is one final, fitting farewell.


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  1. Why does the basement room in the new house look exactly like the room in the judges new house, same door, same colour, same interior room, same everything? And why is the original victim the same guy as in the beginning of the movie? He kills Toby and the mother but not this guy, why?

  2. The prisoner is named in credits as “Said, prisoner”. Same guy at the beginning and the end, but no, not Ravi.

  3. Nah. The trapped guy is the same guy Toby found, but it can’t be Ravi. Hector was a young kid when Ravi came into his home. The Ravi-figure in the basement isn’t nearly old enough. So who is he? And if he isn’t Ravi, why kill Toby and not this guy?

  4. Terrible summary , the guy in basement jay found was the same guy toby found and is actually the kid “Ravi” from hectors story about his dad

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