I Believe in Santa (2022) Movie Review – A lighthearted yet thought-provoking holiday flick

A lighthearted yet thought-provoking holiday flick

I Believe in Santa is a holiday romantic drama on Netflix focusing on the utopian romance involving Lisa and Tom, who’ve been together for little more than 5 months. The two get along and appreciate one another almost flawlessly, and their bond seems to be getting stronger every day.

Lisa is both a single parent as well as a writer, whilst Tom is an accomplished attorney. They look like they’re living the ideal life, enjoying a whirlwind passion, and getting along well—that is, until Christmas strikes and blows away everything.

Their romance is thwarted when Lisa learns that Tom enjoys the holiday season and somehow still believes in Santa Claus, and she begins to question her choices thereafter as she, on the contrary, does not appear to be fond of the festival. The pair re-evaluates the direction of their partnership as a result of their divergent worldviews.

This flick seems to be a contemporary interpretation of “The Christmas Carol” wherein a lady who despises the Christmas season is in a relationship with a cheery and optimistic guy who seems to be fascinated with it and attempts to instill some holiday cheer in her.

The storyline, which stars Christina Moore, John Ducey, and Violet McGraw, centers on the significant practical vs imaginative argument. The flick explores the component wherein differing points of view from your partners can cause you to wonder about the sustainability of your union. Furthermore, the festive tone runs through the entire romantic comedy as the audience experience a strong “feel-good” component. It deeply follows the movie’s genre and serves as a pleasant, lighthearted, yet enlightening Christmas movie.

Every happily married couple can strongly relate to the pair’s disputes and disagreements because they are conveyed in such an honest way. Variations in beliefs and perspectives are relatively common in relationships and serve to emphasize the uniqueness of each partner. The movie presents the challenges and difficulties that most encounter in a relationship. Furthermore, the flick also showcases how for a partnership to thrive; both parties must be able to find common ground on some core principles.

If the storyline is analyzed from a practical standpoint however, it is slightly weak. It is illogical to believe that the existence of Santa can be a deciding factor in whether or not a relationship works out. Nevertheless, because it’s a holiday rom-com we don’t expect the movie to be entirely practical!

Furthermore, I Believe in Santa manages to perform admirably by making a beautiful comparison between a belief that is not typically encountered and one that is. As a result, it makes you consider your bias toward accepting one thing simply because it is popular and rejecting another simply because it is not.

This Netflix Christmas movie has excellent direction and visuals that complement its overall tone and pleasant premise. The drama has been beautifully made by director Alex Ranarivelo in what seems like a style that will undoubtedly put audiences in the holiday spirit. Reuben Steinberg, the movie’s cinematographer, has undoubtedly done a commendable job of capturing several joyous moments, such as when Ella first spots her Xmas tree and another during which Ella, Tom, and Lisa compete in the sleigh-riding contest.  It warmly encapsulates the spirit of Christmas. It also helps too that the music in this is incredible.

The performers certainly do an outstanding job in their respective roles. They play important parts that are quite sympathetic, which is likely to be comforting for viewers. In her role as Lisa, Christina Moore exudes confidence. She projects the appearance of a strong, independent woman. Tom is portrayed by actor John Ducey, who embodies a carefree but merry lawyer. In the flick, his corporate side is not apparent, but his holiday side looks like a fun guy who has an incredible zest for life.

Both Sachin Bhatt as well as Lateefah Holder, who portray the characters of Assan and Sharon respectfully, are excellent supporting characters and provide light entertainment.

Sadly, the Christmas movie’s characters do lack depth and just have one perspective that encompasses their entire personality. The movie severely lacks complex, multifaceted characters that are more than what defines them, such as the female protagonist who despises Christmas, the male lead who loves Christmas, the male protagonist’s best friend who stands by him since he has felt alienated because of his religion etc.

I Believe in Santa includes all the hallmarks of a Christmas binge-watch, including glittering decorations, the most exquisite Christmas lights, and melodies, as well as a lighter yet thought-provoking storyline that makes it an ideal choice for a holiday watch. It’s far from perfect but as a light, breezy guilty pleasure, you can’t go wrong.


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  • Verdict - 7/10

2 thoughts on “I Believe in Santa (2022) Movie Review – A lighthearted yet thought-provoking holiday flick”

  1. Where have I found myself. This has to be the most one-dimensional, derivative, unimaginative, and delusional piece of media I have ever consumed (both the film AND this review). There are no logical through lines, no twists, no depth, no actual exploration of themes or implications of absurd ideas vs practical knowledge. I cannot, as a rational being- endorse this movie MORE passionately. If you want an absurd romp through the self indulgent and insincere- this is for you. Had a great time watching it.

  2. What a wonderful, heartwarming Christmas film 💖🎅🏼 The actors are superb! Hope Netflix will do a sequel. Will Tom be Father Christmas’s (Santa’s) relative perhaps?

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