I Believe in Santa (2022) Ending Explained – Does Santa eventually bring Lisa and Tom together?

I Believe in Santa (2022) Plot Synopsis

I Believe in Santa is a holiday romantic drama on Netflix focusing on the utopian romance involving Lisa and Tom, who’ve been together for little more than 5 months. The two get along and appreciate one another almost flawlessly, and their bond seems to be getting stronger every day.

Lisa is both a single parent as well as a writer, whilst Tom is an accomplished attorney. They look like they’re living the ideal life, enjoying a whirlwind passion, and getting along well—that is, until Christmas strikes and blows away everything.

Their romance is thwarted when Lisa learns that Tom enjoys the holiday season and somehow still believes in Santa Claus, and she begins to question her choices thereafter as she, on the contrary, does not appear to be fond of the festival. The pair re-evaluates the direction of their partnership as a result of their divergent worldviews.

How do Lisa and Tom meet?

Tom and Lisa first connect at the Fourth of July festival. When Ella, Lisa’s kid, gets separated from her mom, she runs into Tom’s legal assistance booth.

Tom and Lisa embark on a journey thereafter because they get along well. They get to learn a lot about each other and become romantically involved after only five months. Ella gets along very well with Tom, so their relationship appears to be ideal.

What makes Lisa and Tom’s relationship tense?

Lisa is reluctant to write an article concerning her least favorite holiday, Christmas, as it is coming up shortly. She scans her thoughts but cannot come up with anything promising to write about. Tom, by comparison, cannot wait to experience Christmas in all its glory. He adores the holiday and all that surrounds it. Things become strained as the pair become aware of this contrast in outlook.

Lisa moves forward and hesitantly decides to go on a holiday adventure with Tom. He creates a jam-packed schedule of things to accomplish in the days before the event. Together, they have a blast putting the finishing touches on Lisa’s Christmas tree. Lisa also enjoys seeing Ella smile while everyone is having a good time.

Tom firmly and passionately believes that Santa Claus is a real person. When Lisa finds out that Tom, being an adult, still claims to believe in Santa, their bond is pushed to breaking point.

As the pair have conversations and think about their disagreement, which pits logic against magic, the drama continues. Tom fires the festival’s innocent joy to entice his girlfriend, while Lisa works to make Tom understand the business and corporate strategies that are keeping the repetition of Christmas going.

The pair argue so much that consequently they decide to separate because of their extreme differences of opinion.

Why does Lisa strongly dislike Christmas?

Owing to her parents, Lisa does not enjoy Christmas. She first learned that Santa Claus is fictitious when she was a small girl and spotted her Christmas present hidden in the closet. Her folks discontinued the practice of opening gifts and even accused her of causing Christmas to become a failure that year. She couldn’t forget the episode, and it wrecked every Christmas after that.

Lisa still recalls the episode, despite the fact that it occurred while she was quite little, demonstrating how caregivers have the greatest influence on how their children think.

Lisa was severely affected by what her parents did. In Lisa’s idea of Christmas, decorations, presents, and joy were replaced by unkept promises and fruitless efforts. Then Tom shows up; he has an innocent, childish passion for Christmas. He gets Lisa to reconsider her opinion of Christmas.

Ella is brought by the pair to a mall to see Santa. The event – and the man in charge – are viewed differently by the three characters. Ella is still debating her ideas and hasn’t made up her decision. Ultimately, after speaking with Tom, she decides that having faith is preferable to having no belief at all. Ella has been admiring an iPhone for quite a while, and she hints at it to Tom and her mom, so they assume that she wished for an iPhone that year.

Does Santa eventually bring Lisa and Tom together?

Since Lisa, as well as Tom, can’t come to terms with their views, their bond suffers in the process. The occasion emphasizes how crucial it is for individuals to accept their partner’s thoughts and perspectives without compromising their own. To be with each other, one does not need to persuade or agree with the other.

Tom sticks by Ella’s side even after the couple choose to split up. Ella desires to compete in the Christmas Sleigh Riding Competition and take home the trophy. Lisa and her girlfriend Sharon keep trying to get it right, but they are unsuccessful.

Lisa is urged by Ella to accept Tom’s help. Tom abandons all of his plans in order to stay in and build Ella’s sleigh. This is a major moment for Tom because it helps him place his priorities in perspective. Tom is well-organized and methodical. He genuinely cares for Lisa and Ella, and he’d sacrifice anything for them.

Owing to Tom’s well-built sleigh, Lisa, Tom, and Ella triumph in the competition and take home the award. It is strong, tough, and successfully completes the journey without problem. It actually soars to victory.

How does I Believe In Santa end?

Tom’s efforts are appreciated by Lisa, and as a consequence, the pair reconciles. Lisa is able to see Tom’s love and concern for Ella after seeing the lengths he went to for her. He is a refreshing change in terms of character. He has no qualms about acting on his beliefs and doing as he pleases. Tom maintains his sense of playfulness, which helps him connect to Ella as well.

Towards the ending, Lisa accepts Tom’s marriage proposal. The pair agrees to put their disagreements aside and emphasize their shared strengths. Ella seems to be the happiest among them all. She at last confesses what she wants for Christmas, and that is for Tom and Lisa to get together. She uses the fact that Santa granted her wish as evidence that he is real.


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