I Am All Girls – Netflix Movie Ending Explained

The Story

I Am All Girls takes place deep in the heart of South Africa. Specifically, it follows special investigator Jodie Snyman as she begins investigating a string of murders. All of the victims happen to be men involved in trafficking rings.

Ntombi is our killer, which we find out very early on in the film. She marks every body with the initials of the victims on their chest.

Jodie follows this breadcrumb trail of bodies all the way to the film’s third act, where she uncovers the real ringleaders at the top of all this.

Who caused the car crash?

The climax of I Am All Girls sees Jodie learn the truth about Ntombi. However, their car is involved in a horrendous crash that rolls over and leaves Jodie unconscious. The culprits here are Salim’s men. Ntombi shoots them and kidnaps Salim, saving Jodie’s life.

Jodie recovers in hospital where Captain George tells Jodie she’s off the job. Jodie refuses to listen and sneaks out the hospital. When she heads home, the girl watches the recording of Gert de Jager, the one played at the start of the movie. Here, she learns a high-ranking minister actually hired him to do all this. She also learns that Ntombi is also a victim.

Does Ntombi die?

After watching the video, Jodie heads up to the house in Brakpan and finds Salim and his brother murdered, initials etched over the chests. This is Ntombi’s doing of course, but Jodie is distracted by a plane landing on the airfield nearby.

The high-ranking minister mentioned in Gert’s video is there, and he looks to be on the verge of striking an illegal deal with the Arabs who show up.

A gun battle ensues when Jodie’s partner Arendse gets involved, eventually culminating in Ntombi being shot dead in a gun battle. This is the final straw for Jodie, who’s overcome with grief.

How does I Am All Girls end?

With the theme of revenge remaining cyclical, Jodie ambushes the minister in his house and kills him, carving Ntombi’s initials on his chest to show that she too was a victim.

When the police arrive, they deliberate over whether to put a search out for Jodie, who’s gone off the map. Jodie is actually at the airport, catching a flight to Iran and intent on apprehending those men we saw the minister dealing with on the airstrip.

Is Jodie the new killer?

It seems Jodie has taken over as the new killer, with clues throughout the movie hinting at this. We see her working outside the realms of the law but growing increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with the roadblocks she comes up against. The moments at the shipping yard are a great example of this.

The ending does leave the door open for a sequel but it’s not really needed. The final scenes show the baton has been passed to Jodie and she’s ready to gain vengeance and justice in a very Punisher-esque way on behalf of trafficking victims. It also seems like she’s taking the fight to International waters too.


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  1. I want to see a sequel to I Am All Girls, no, I NEED to see a sequel. What happens in Iran? Does she get that group of girls back??

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