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Hyena is really starting to settle into its groove now and at the heart of this are the two lead dancers orchestrating the group – Geum Ja and Hee-Jae. Their chemistry is excellent and alongside some slick editing and a lovely dose of backstabbing and power plays, Hyena is a surprisingly engrossing law drama and fast becoming one of the must-watch dramas of the year.

In the aftermath of the lawsuit being settled, episode 4 of Hyena begins with Chairman Ha announcing that Issume will continue to represent them. Chairman Ha tells Mr Song to leave, and outside he and Hee-Jae leave together where he tells Song he’ll hand his resignation letter in. As we cut back, we see him and Song working together off-the-books to try and force through this situation but unfortunately Hee-Jae’s confidence has got the better of him. Song doesn’t let him quit though, instead he takes all his cases away and forces his partner to start again from scratch.

With the dust now settled over Chan-Ho’s case, we jump back in time and see Geum-Ja learning all about classical music. As fate would have it, one of the musicians on a recognisable vinyl sleeve – Koiman – arrives to talk to her about his contact. He wants out but doesn’t know the best way about settling this legally. At the same time, Hee-Jae manages to secure himself some tickets to see this violinist in concert.

After the show Hee-Jae greets him and gets the man to sign his limited edition vinyl sleeve. However, Geum-Ja happens to be walking with him and things immediately become awkward between them, especially given their history surrounding this musician.

Even worse, Yu-Mi shows up and instantly recognises Geum-Ja, believing her to still be living under the facade of being Hee-Jae’s partner. They escort her out the building and straight into a bar where things become heated as both Hee-Jae and Geum-Ja try to one-up each another. Deciding they’ve had enough of Yu-Mi, they drink her under the table and watch as she passes out at the bar.

They say the truth comes out when you’re drunk and that much is certainly true here as the two lawyers spill the truth about how they feel about one another. It all builds up to Hee-Jae walking out and leaving Geum-Ja with her thoughts – and his signed vinyl sleeve.

The next day, Geum-Ja arrives at Koiman’s recital and makes assumptions about his Mother, showing the terms and conditions of the contract and how commanding she is actually being. As Koiman’s mother arrives on stage, we see this first-hand as she snatches up the contract and allows Geum-Ja to introduce herself as an attorney. Koiman’s mother immediately lashes out at her sons, bashing them in the face with the contract and forcing Koiman to finally cave and decide he’ll go to court.

Back at Song&Kim, Hee-Jae decides to take on the same case, as Hyeon-A arrives at Geum-Ja’s and makes her presence known that she intends to try and settle. When Geum-Ja refuses, Hyeon-A tells her she’ll see her in court and leaves.

Hee-Jae meets Kaimon in the bar with a counter-offer after some digging and manages to swoop in and change his mind- something Geum-Ja did with his client in the episode before. It’s enough to sway Koiman’s opinion and brings Geum-Ja to his house, where she confronts him over what he’s done.

Feeling like a million bucks, Hee-Jae waltzes back into the office and ready to work. Song arrives for the partnership meeting and introduces a new lawyer to join their ranks – Geum Ja. As the men look at her in shock, she looks at Hee-Jae and gives him a wry wink.

Cor, how about that for an ending! This juicy drama is easily becoming a real guilty pleasure. Seeing both Geum-Ja and Hee-Jae competing to try and out-do the other is easily the highlight of this one and there have been several instances now where these two are clearly juggling some serious sexual chemistry. Whether this results in the tough exterior dissipating and showing a more sensitive side remains to be seen but right now, these two are easily one of the best on-screen couples of the year.

Quite what will happen next now that Geum-Ja is technically on the same team is anyone’s guess but one thing’s for sure – there’s bound to be some serious fireworks between them in the future!

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