Hurricane Season (2023) Ending Explained – Who killed the Witch? And why?

Hurricane Season Plot Summary

The story begins with a group of teens finding a dead body floating in the canal. This is the body of “the Witch”, a fabled figure in town that apparently holds mystical properties.

Yesenia shows up at the station that night to report her cousin Luismi for the crime, and from here the story switches perspectives to different players in town to get their side of the story.

Why was Norma bleeding?

Within Luismi’s story, we see how he and Norma got together and started their relationship. We also see (in a rather long and uncomfortable sex scene) how Norma got pregnant. Luismi though is convinced that the witch is cursing Luismi, and he scramble to get her to the hospital as she’s bleeding between her legs.

On the way, they’re driven by a guy called Norma, who watches as a tree gets struck by lightning and turns to fire. 

In reality, after falling pregnant Norma sought council from Chabela, who took her to see her sister, the Witch, in order to abort the child. The Witch created a concoction that would make Norma feel like “her insides will rip apart.” She was also told to “push and bury it” (the baby).

This explanation of the bleeding eventually ends with her in psychiatric care for aborting the child when the police find out.

What happens to Brando?

Brando is taken to prison but the reason for this stems from his homosexual urges and repressed rage surrounding his sexuality. His whole tale is wrapped up in drugs and sex, but he’s into guys. Specifically, Luismi. Brando is angry at himself and it doesn’t help that Luismi continuously calls the town full of “f*ggots” (his own projection to deflect). Luismi and Brando end up doing oral sex together, but Brando races out in the morning.

The turning point comes from what happened to Norma. Brando and Luismi decide to rob the Witch and then run away to Cancun. Luismi is angry and ends up smacking the Witch in the back with is crutch when she holds Brando up against the wall at her place. Luismi gets out his rage on the Witch, smacking her constantly until she’s unconscious.

The pair take the Witch out to the woods, getting Munra involved to drive them. Brando helps hold Luismi as he plunges a knife into her neck. Brando phones his dad after and wants to move out. He packs his things and heads out, refusing to talk to his mum.

How does Hurricane Season end?

Brando is grabbed by police and thrown in prison for his crime. A beaten Luismi also joins him. The pair hug in front of all the other prisoners, who are berating the pair as the film closes out.

Ultimately, Hurricane Season reinforces that idea of repressed anger and how that can consume a community, along with blaming ostracised members of a society for your own issues and problems. 



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