Hunters – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Final Trial

Episode 8 of Hunters season 2 starts with Jonah trying in vain to get through to Clara. He tells her he misses her and eventually hangs up. We’ve actually skipped forward several months in advance, as Adolf Hitler is about to face trial for his crimes. None of the Hunters have come forward publicly except from Millie, who is actually the woman who walked Adolf into custody. Quite how Zev plays into that is anyone’s guess but I’d imagine they made the hand-over some time during those two months off-screen. Anyway, I digress.

Everything here is gearing up for this big court trial, as the world waits with bated breath over what consequences could fall Adolf Hitler’s way. Hitler is eventually marched in the room in chains. Joe is the one filming from behind the camera, while all the hunters are in attendance watching this transpire.

What happens at the court trial?

White supremacist groups are outside protesting for Hitler to be kept alive while threats of a terror attack are very prominent. In fact, as we zoom out we learn that Eva is still alive and so too is Travis and they’re in some dingy basement watching this play out on a TV. It turns out Travis survived being shot in the face and just sports some scars across his cheek. Well that was lucky!

The opening statements are read, with one man – a Jew no less – standing up as the defence lawyer for Adolf Hitler and deciding to do his best to make sure he’s found not guilty on the specific charges he’s being brought there for.

Various statements are heard, including Mindy’s tearful, heart-wrenching story about how her family was ripped apart. Hitler claims it’s all lies and tries to convince his lawyer to rip into this tale but he’s loathe to do so.

Hitler’s attorney is almost out of options and we fast forward through time, to day 5 of the trial. The prosecution is not happy about Hitler potentially taking the stand and defending himself. The defence argue that even he has rights and everyone should be heard, regardless of their past crimes.

Is Adolf Hitler found guilty of his crimes?

With every camera in the world on Adolf Hitler, the man takes the stand and lies through his teeth, claiming he didn’t order the death of Jews. He was just “abiding by the German rules”. He claims he’s innocent and was simply “vacationing” in Argentina enjoying the sunshine and with every intention of returning to politics. The conversation turns heated as the prosecution makes a case against Hitler, pointing out fear will not prevail.

After two days of deliberation, the judges prepare to make their verdict. However, what they’re not aware of are the explosives being placed below tunnels. The editing makes it seem like this area is connected to the courthouse…but it’s not. Anyway, Adolf Hitler is found guilty of all his charges.

As he’s led downstairs it turns out Hitler happens to have a pill and he hurriedly swallows it, prompting the authorities to take him to hospital. Given how high profile this target actually us, it’s surprising to only find a handful of cars around him as an escort. The Hunters seem to realize this and follow from afar. They’re intent on catching up and making sure Adolf Hitler makes it to his destination.

Does Hitler manage to escape?

Unfortunately, the ambulance driver happens to be working with Hitler and he kills the others inside the ambulance and sets off the explosives, which happen to be placed not in the basement of the courtroom as suspected, but actually in a tunnel leading out.

Adolf Hitler is brought to the basement where Travis and Eva happen to be waiting. Eva decides she wants to take the crown and Travis ends up holding Hitler up at gunpoint. Travis eventually makes his choice and shoots Eva instead, telling her that he’s the future of this Fourth Reich, not Hitler or a woman.

However, as they head to the rooftop, Jonah shows up and begins firing. Unfortunately, Jonah is shot down and begins bleeding internally, sputtering blood from his mouth. Before Travis can hit the finishing blow, guards and authorities show up and manage to stop Hitler. As for Travis, he manages to escape.

What happens after Hitler’s capture?

When Jonah wakes up in hospital, he finds Clara looking down at him. He apologizes to her, which patches up their differences and the pair end up having their Jewish wedding after all.

Meanwhile, Millie receives a call from Agent Norris. She’s being congratulated with the Congressional Gold Medal for her work in bringing Adolf Hitler in. It’s too much for Millie to take and she admits to killing Bishop Prince. However, they ignore her confession and call her a hero instead.

Lonny wins an Oscar and is on the up, while Roxy is by his side. As for Joe, he ends up riding out in the desert alone, a big smile plastered on his face. At the same time, Hitler is kept in a maximum security prison and he’s reduced to a lowly number. His worst nightmare; Hitler is no longer remembered.

How does Hunters season 2 end?

As the episode closes out, we finally learn who killed Ruth. It was Meyer all this time. Ruth had figured out who the Wolf was. Unfortunately, he got to her first and killed the woman. This catches us up to the moments where the first season takes place.

We then skip across to Miami Florida as Clara and Jonah head on a vacation together, offering a nice change of pace. However, Sister Harriet’s words just prior in this episode about never really giving up or retiring still ring true, as Jonah sets his sights on a man at the cafe who could well be a Nazi.

The Episode Review

If there’s one word to describe that finale, it’s rushed. Despite being a little over an hour long, Hunters doesn’t really resolve too much as it leaves things open for a potential sequel to take place and rushes through many of its plot points. Seeing Hitler now in custody and brushing over all the points like moving this man across from South America, the hand-off from Zev to Millie and seeing her hand him in, are just a few such examples.

The fact that Travis and Hitler are both still alive at the end, with the former having scampered away into the shadows and not being brought to justice, is a bit disappointing.

Speaking of justice, the whole spiel about doing what’s right and abiding by the law is a lovely touch in the courtroom…but it doesn’t exactly translate across to Millie does it? While she did bring Hitler into justice, she still killed a guy in cold blood and it turns out all that investigative work and worry across the episodes doesn’t really get much of a pay-off, it just fizzles out to nothing.

The flashback scenes with Meyer have been a nice addition, mainly so we can see more of Al Pacino, but it’s frustratingly light when it comes to meaningful plot developments. In fact, the show waits until the final 3 minutes to reveal Meyer (or Wilhelm) was the one who killed Ruth because she discovered his secret. But yet that’s probably going to be quite obvious to anyone paying attention by the halfway point of this season!

Despite all that though, Hunters at least gives a conclusion to most of the characters, albeit one that’s rather rushed and hurried. It’s definitely not perfect and the pace for this finale in particular has been a bit all over the place. This final episode definitely could have been better though.

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4 thoughts on “Hunters – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Season 2 was such a disappointment especially episodes 7-8. Thank goodness there will not be a season 3.

  2. In reading a preview of season 2 finale, I assumed everything was tied up in a bow because the article stated it, but that wasn’t the case. Madman Travis is still on the loose, despite not getting the mantle passed down to him from Führer boy. In addition, they gave no clue why Jonah was eye-locked with the danke-saying diner. So we’re left wondering WTF just happened.

  3. Awful finale showing Travis alive is ridiculous. They showed him dead and shot terrible job ending a good series. Surprised this got a 2.5 rating I would give it a 1 but far my lowest of the series.

  4. Too much irrelevance with flashbacks reduces the whole 2nd season to an Al Pacino party. Travis was shot point blank…he’s dead. Hitler’s attorney should have been an overzealous White
    Supremacist. The best dialogue is Mindy’s. Thus was highly unsatisfying.

    I’d have preferred he be returned to Europe and the judges be Jews. Or…to Israel to be tried in a Jewish state.

    The disappearing dead Travis is ridiculous.

    1 star for finale and 3 for the series

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