Hunters – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Flower

Episode 4 of Hunters season 2 starts with Hitler within the group’s reach, as they close in on their elusive target. However, it’s not just Hitler they need to go up against, there’s also The Colonel, Travis and Joe too. In fact, they have intel on the Hunters, including photos of them all, and Joe heads out with Travis, intent on taking them out first in this dangerous game of cat and mouse.

In Buenos Aires, Jonah finds himself scrambling to explain things to Clara. It certainly looks suspect, given the name of Millie on the pad, the two week charge at the hotel and the lie about the expedition in Israel. As a result, Meyer twists the truth to fit his own narrative, admitting Millie is an FBI Agent but he’s there to find those responsible for Ruth’s murder.

Chava is not happy when she finds out but Jonah manages to convince her to play ball, using Ruth as a bargaining chip. Chava makes a big scene at dinner, pointing out that Jonah doesn’t want a Jewish wedding. Clara speaks up and defends her man, unaware of the irony calling Jonah both honest and caring.

News of the Bishop’s murder spreads and Millie starts to lose control. It’s in the newspaper and the feds are after her. She rings Danny and learns as much, so she decides to tag along with Sister Harriet as she heads out to track down a man she’s been looking for for a long time. This man happens to be posing as her father, but before killing him, he begins weeping and confesses that he’s sorry to her. Harriet stops and decides against killing the guy.

During our flashbacks this chapter, The Wolf is slipping into his role as Meyer Offerman quite well. He scouts out Lonny while he’s on a filmset, pointing out he knew his grandfather. He questions Lonny’s direction in life, given he started as a great actor in Shakespeare plays and now he’s doing some crummy, cheap sci-fi flick, snorting cocaine and having sex in trailers. Meyer offers him words of encouragement, trying to pick him up from rock bottom.

Back in the present, Lonny and Roxy head out to track down a couple of Nazi sympathizers who are in the town. However, Roxy soon becomes aware of his drug-taking and lashes out, explaining he could easily have jeopardized the whole operation given he’s doing drugs again. The reason for him using, according to Lonny himself, stems from those previous flashbacks, where Meyer (as The Wolf) used his past as a weapon to twist him to his will.

Clara stumbles upon all the documents the Hunters have, including the Nazi intel, guns and the cages. After seeing all of this, she confronts Chava and Jonah. The former suddenly blurts out the truth – that they’re hunters and are heading off after Nazis. Chava also reveals Jonah’s real name too. It’s too much for Clara, who hurriedly leaves, upset at being betrayed.

When Jonah follows, everything escalates. Travis and Joe track them down. Mindy happens to be in the adjacent room as a shootout ensues, while Clara hides in the bath. Travis chases Jonah across the hotel. Roxy and Lonny are held up at gunpoint by Joe in the elevator, and although he hesitates for a minute, he still shoots Roxy in the chest.

As for Travis, he uses Clara as a hostage and takes her downstairs, racing off in a van. As they leave, Travis throws a flower out to Jonah, leaving his beloved in grave danger.

The Episode Review

Things are not looking good for Jonah and the others, who immediately come under fire when Joe and Travis show up. The whole chapter builds up to this final shootout nicely, which has some pretty slick camera work and a decent musical score.

Leading up to that point though we see a little more of Lonny and Harriet’s history, including exactly what’s brought them to joining up with Meyer. It’s a neat addition and it helps to understand a bit more about their motivations and how they’ve ended up where they are.

It looks like we’ve got a rescue operation on our hands now and it’s anyone’s guess who’s going to come out of this in one piece.

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