Hunters – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Catching The Crow

Episode 3 of Hunters season 2 starts with our team waking up to find themselves sitting at a table tied up and gagged. Sister Harriet is there too, working subservient to a woman called Chava. The group watch in shock as Klaus Rhinehart is lowered in a cage and questioned over where Hitler is. The cage is not just a simple contraption, it’s a torture device designed to quite literally squeeze answers out of him.

Jonah decides they should form an uneasy alliance with this group, realizing they too are also after Hitler for the same reason. They’re not Nazis after all and Chava isn’t quite the bad guy they thought she was.

However, all of this is just a ruse as Jonah grabs a gun, as does Millie, turning the tide of power in the room. It’s here Chava admits that she’s actually Ruth’s sister. After passing Jonah’s test, the group decide to work together. Now, it turns out the key here happens to be a briefcase which they need to lure this person called the Crow out from the shadows, cage him and force him to lead them to Hitler.

The hotel they’re about to infiltrate is a hotbed of criminals and thieves. They need to be careful and make sure they’re invisible. They only have one night to get this operation right and part of that cOmes from dividing up the group and finding out the layout and general make-up of the hotel. They need to keep an eye on the briefcase at all times.

Jonah and Chava sit together and order dinner, ending up in a frosty argument about leadership. In fact, they both make a bet about who the Crow actually is, with the prize being “the crown”. Things get heated at the table after hearing Chava’s story, including how she escaped and ran for 7 days.

The operation goes ahead, with Mindy tracking their target and giving instructions for Millie, Roxy and Harriet over which room to storm. Disguised as chambermaids, they head down the hallway and track their man.

Downstairs, a man eventually shows and takes off with the briefcase, with Lonny and George (Chava’s right-hand man) heading off to track him down. While they follow, winding down the staircase, Jonah stays put until they can root out the Crow.

Lonny and George blend in with the crowd, stripping down as they head into the sauna and steam room. I mean, it works about as well as can be expected, as the man (who’s fully dressed) immediately attacks them both. Lonny freezes as Geoge looks set to meet a sticky end but thankfully he manages to recover and best the guy, getting the briefcase back for themselves.

Upstairs, the trio of women manage to dispatch their thugs, leaving the Crow vulnerable to being grabbed. It turns out the Crow is caught after all, as Jonah finds her in the bathroom. After stabbing her, he takes off with an important piece of intel in her purse – a train ticket leading them straight to Hitler’s whereabouts.

During our flashbacks this episode, we cut back and see Meyer threaten a guy called Victor (Jerome is his alias) while he’s in bed. He brings up Wilhem’s original picture and Meyer plays his part, feigning ignorance. Given his secret is known, Meyer ends up killing him.

Meyer eventually heads back to his office, where Simon is there waiting for him. He brings up his suspicions about Meyer being involved in Victor’s death, along with taking his files. Simon is not happy, believing this should have been brought to trial. As a result of all this, Simon decides he needs to investigate Meyer.

Back in the present, Millie realizes with horror that she’s left her necklace behind at the crime scene, which is found by investigators at Bishop’s house. As for Jonah, he finds himself in hot water when Clara shows up at the hotel and finds him.

As the episode closes out, we cut across to Hitler’s residence where he learns that the Crow has been killed. He’s well aware of the Hunters and tasks Joe with being ready to serve. This is what they’ve been preparing for, and now it’s time for him to find them and bring their scalps.

The Episode Review

The reveal that Ruth has a sister is a nice touch, and puts the earlier moments in the season into perspective as we learn that there’s more than one Hunter group out there. However, with the Crow and her cronies now dead, Hitler has become aware of the Hunters and that’s obviously going to cause all sorts of problems going forward.

There’s a nice ebb and flow to this chapter but everything is left open for the rest of the season, which promises a fair amount of drama and action to come, especially with Joe entering the fold.

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