Hunters – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Show Must Go On

Episode 2 of Hunters season 2 starts with Jonah showing up at Millie’s place. He brings up Biff’s reveal that Adolf Hitler is still alive and queries it with her. “Nazi’s don’t just disappear and kill themselves,” He goes on.

Given Jonah has also been told that all roads lead through Genoa, Jonah has done his homework. In fact, he believes that the ships passing from there to Buenos Aires were actually commissioned by a German company. On April 29th 1945, a ship left for Buenos Aires, holding two named individuals called Erik and Frieds Tolmann. Now, given Eva and Hitler were documented to kill themselves on April 30th, the theory goes that they hopped on this ship and left.

Jonah decides to head down to South America with Millie to investigate this further, getting an uncharted plane to fly them. He can’t do it alone and she’s the only one likely to believe this crazy story. The pair next show up to see Lonny, bringing him onboard… but only after he smacks Jonah in the face. Mindy, Sister Harriet and Roxy are next to come along for the ride.

Back in 1975, Meyer burns the letter from his old friend, destroying all traces of anyone who knows his identity as The Wolf. A fight breaks out in the warehouse, eventually leading to Joe more than holding his own against a bunch of workers. This attracts Meyer’s attention and he brings him into his office. Meyer asks for his help, recognizing a soldier when he sees one. Joe begins to work with Meyer, getting him crucial intel.

In 1979, off the gang go, heading to Argentina in a bid to try and stop Hitler. There are still tensions between them all though. Still, they shack up at Hotel Palladio and get settled in. Eva speaks to Jonah and questions him about Spain, learning that he’s haunted by the ghosts of the past. Unfortunately, Clara finds evidence of Jonah heading over to visit Millie, thanks to a notepad left behind, hinting that this whole endeavour is about to come undone.

Anyway, Jonah and the others have their target. His name is Klaus Rhinehart, believing that if they find him then they’ll find Hitler. The group formulate a plot to take out the guards while Millie will be able to “take the house” by heading in the front with Jonah and Lonny. The former serves at the cloakroom as an attendant while Millie watches from afar for their target. She follows a suspicious old man through the theatre. It’s their guy.

As the show gets underway, Jonah and the others make their move and track down Rhineheart. Millie is the one to get there first and she ends up wrestling with him up in the box overseeing everything. While Jonah and Lonny both end up fighting goons themselves, they underestimate just how many Nazis are in this theatre. Millie is injected and knocked out while both Jonah and Lonny are quickly dispatched. Unfortunately, it’s quickly revealed that Sister Harriet is actually working with these Nazis, and Jonah is captured.

The Episode Review

So the second episode of Hunters throws a surprise twist our way as it turns out Sister Harriet is working against Jonah and the others, which spells bad news for all involved. How deeply do these betrays go?

In fact, bringing her onboard the operation was probably the worst thing Jonah could have done. As such, they’re left in a difficult position now as it seems our characters are going to be caught in quite the sticky situation moving forward.

The story has been pretty good so far, although some may argue that 3 years between seasons is way too long! Either way though, there’s enough here to enjoy and the ending certainly leaves everything open for the rest of the season.

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