Hunters – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Hunters season 2 starts in Austria, 1972 with a brutal prologue depicting a mysterious woman dead-set on finding Adolf Hitler. After getting the intel she needs, she heads off in search of the Fuhrer.

We then cut forward to 1975, two years before Meyer’s death and the shocking reveal that he himself is actually The Wolf. After entertaining a bunch of businessmen with his talk of God and His signs, Meyer ends up spooked when he notices a shadowy figure in the distance. He interprets this as guilt for the bad deeds he’s done in the past.

At his office however, Meyer’s fears are materialized in something far more concrete. He receives a letter from an unknown sender. Inside happens to be a revealing note: “Hello, Wilhelm”. It’s clear his secret is out but by who? It certainly wasn’t his sister, following a hidden call disguised as the Consensus Board, but it seems there’s definitely someone out there who knows.

Meyer manages to convince the shadowy figure to head out for a drink with him after catching the guy red-handed following him. Sitting together, Meyer nonchalantly admits that as a wolf, he can sniff out those tailing him. Of course, that being this man. He’s been living in the shadows following serving time in C-Block. He’s come to Meyer for help but levelling threats and sneaking around is not the way to do it, according to Meyer.

Meyer promises to get him all cleaned up and write him out a cheque… but it’s all a ruse. In fact, Meyer stabs him in the neck and leaves him for dead down the alleyway after a night of boozing.

In Paris 1979, Jonah is seeing ghosts of his own between visits to the brothel as Meyer shows up on the street corner. Jonah is not there to get laid though, he’s on another scouting mission. He’s taken on a new alias under the name of Sam and even has a girlfriend called Clara too.

At the university, someone passes and hands him a note. It turns out Jonah is still hunting Nazis, explaining what he was originally doing at the brothel earlier in the episode. After paying off his mistress, Jonah finds Biff, the man he’s been hunting for over a year. Apparently he can give someone far bigger than himself – Adolf Hitler.

Jonah scoffs at this but as the pieces start to come together, including how Eva was with him and an elaborate story involving them leaving the bunker, Biff promises to take him to Hitler…but only in exchange for him staying alive. Time’s up; Jonah shoots the man in the face and pays off the brothel owner to make it so he was never there.

In the same year over in Pasadena, Millie speaks her piece at the church with a priest, who tells her to atone for her sins. However, it turns out she’s actually there to arrest him. Bishop Christian Prince (yes that’s his real name apparently!) for his ties to the Nazi regime.

The case is a reach though, despite the survivors giving teary eye-witness accounts for what this man did back during Nazi Germany. Given Prince is a beacon in the community and trauma can affect one’s memory after all this time, the judge reminds Millie that he’s bound by the law and if she wants to cast the iron fist of that down, then she should have “brought him a better case.”

Meanwhile, Millie is desperate for justice and shows up at the Bishop’s door. She threatens him and forces him to admit the truth with a tape recorder in hand and a gun in the other. As the man tries to talk her down, Millie loses control and shoots him in the chest. She finds the bullet casing and scrambles out the house, leaving her fingerprints all over the place in the process.

As the episode closes out, Jonah shows up to see Millie. He tells her he’s found something. However, we then cut across to Austria as we see Adolf Hitler, alive and well. He shows up to dinner with Eva and the pair get stuck in to their meal.

The Episode Review

Hunters returns with a decent opening episode, setting the scene for what should be a dramatic season to come. With the Hunters off on their own individual tangents, it seems like we’re on course for the gang getting back together and going after the ultimate prize – Adolf Hitler.

The tone and pace is largely the same as it was the first time around, although the situation involving that Bishop is almost certainly going to come back and bite Millie in the behind. She’s left her fingerprints all over the place and that could be enough to track her down.

Beyond that though, Hunters has a nice ebb and flow to it, with a decent soundtrack and the always-welcome Al Pacino making a return as Meyer in these flashbacks. The rest of the season should be a wild ride.

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