Hunters – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Right And Wrong

Episode 6 of Hunters begins with Sister Harriet and Moritz driving away as she appears to be operating as one of the Nazis, telling him they need to be strong and survive at all costs. As we flash back in time, we see fragments of her previous German life, including a flashback to 1939 where we learn who Sister Harriet really is; a woman named Rebekah Kreutzer.

The fractured remnants of the group discuss Harriet’s betrayal and what it means for them while Meyer stitches up Jonah following his run-in with Dieter in the previous episode. Before they can go after new targets, the group prepare for the upcoming wedding. Jonah heads out and talks to Cheeks beforehand though, apologising for what happened between them and spilling the truth about him hunting Nazis.

Meanwhile, Danny Rohr and Millie meet again, where he tells her that the FBI may well be involved in the Nazi operation and they need to be careful. Danny goes on to tell her he’s sitting this one out but does agree to bring his contact Tommy to an abandoned warehouse for her to meet. Once there, Millie learns about Operation Paperclip but Tommy tells her he wants no part of what she intends to do and leaves. 

Biff arrives at the White House and addresses the group regarding the South American bill, going on to mention the “red white and blue American dream” and imploring the President to sign and lift the South American embargo, double crossing Juanita and causing her to stew in anger. After the meeting she confronts him but he bites back, leaving her shocked at his outburst.

Joe visits Eric Greene at Edgewood, asking him for the name of the Director Of Medicine. Despite being mentally ill, Joe does eventually manage to extract the name of Timothy Randall from him. At the same time, Tobias, Travis and The Colonel meet to discuss Meyer, where the latter tells Tobias to use his fury to his advantage. However, Travis interjects and tells them he can get the job done, leading to some internal tension to begin simmering between them.

Moritz meanwhile, suddenly swings for Sister Harriet when they stop by the side of the road as he realizes she’s not being wholly truthful with him. The fight doesn’t go well for Moritz, who finds himself knocked out and bundled in the boot of the car as Sister Harriet’s true intentions remain hidden but clearly agenda-driven for her own gains.

The festivities get underway with Murray and Mindy beginning their wedding celebrations. As she walks down the aisle, we cut back in time and see the heartbreaking moment this family was broken up, with a German officer taking their son Aaron and shooting him square in the chest. Back in the present, the duo are joined together as Jonah does his best to recite the words afterwards. As he struggles with the pronunciation, he apologises but goes on to tell them a touching story about Ruth, which receives a warm round of applause from the crowd.

In the aftermath of this, Jonah speaks to the other hunters about the upcoming plan, where they learn through scattered bits of intel that the Nazis are planning to create a fourth reich in America. Before they can continue, Sister Harriet arrives, leading Joe to march up and grab her. She shows them Moritz in the trunk of her car; a wedding gift for Murray and Mindy. While the others head back inside, Meyer talks privately to her about their code. She sneers at the concept, telling him it’s just a smokescreen to hide the fact that they’re as much the monster as the Nazis are, given what they’re doing.

Millie returns home to Maria, who immediately starts asking her questions about the injuries she’s sustained. Knowing that she’s putting her lover in serious danger, Millie regrettably breaks up with her in a bid to protect Maria from what’s to come.

It turns out the man Sister Harriet captured was actually the same man that killed Murray and Mindy’s child back in the camp. As they look at him in shock, Meyer returns home and immediately notices something afoul as both Travis and Tobias break into his house through the skyline. Following the faint smell of burning, Meyer opens the secret room in his house and finds all the records and information lost in the midst of an inferno raging around him, where the episode ends.

With all the information the group have gained on the Nazis now lost and Sister Harriet’s true intentions finally revealed, Hunters delivers another good episode here, one that reinforces that episode 5 was just a blip in the grand scheme of things. The show has, up until this point at least, done well to keep things interesting and the flashbacks to the camp are well-timed and certainly add some emotional weight to what’s happening.

The real highlight here comes from Harriet and Meyer’s talk about morality and with the group open about the moral ambiguity of what they’re doing, there’s a real thought provoking tone to this that reflects back on the group. It’s this sense of blurred morality between good and evil that Hunters does so well at achieving and for this alone, the show is undoubtedly going to be one of the more polarizing entries on the TV calendar this year.


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