Hunters – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Bank Job

Episode 4 of Hunters begins with a past segment involving Jakob and Helen, finding love in the holocaust camp during a slick black and white montage. The only colour comes from a sketch he’s drawn of her, before colour eventually seeps back into the scene as he tells her he’s found a way out of the camp.

Meyer meets Frederic at the Swiss Bank and they discuss his money while Jonah, wracked with guilt and fury, heads to the police station with Carol and tells the detective he didn’t see anything. As the Detective hounds him for information, Jonah pushes back and eventually leaves.

Millie visits Jonah’s house but finds nothing, while Travis waits around inside the house. Before he leaves, he overhears two kids outside talking about Arthur and he learns that Jonah was supposed to be there that night. Millie heads back to the station and talks to Detective Kennedy about the boy, deducing that he has something to do with the investigation.

Jonah himself marches back into Meyer’s operation and demands to be part of their group. Meyer takes him aside though and tells him his impulsive behaviour could put them all in jeopardy. After some back and forth, he agrees to put Jonah on surveillance duties with Sister Harriet, who talks to him about Ruth and recounts a tale from the camps involving a notorious German known as The Wolf (real name Wilheim Zuchs) who was obsessed with her.

After a mis-step from Mindy inside the bank, Sister Harriet hustles for information with one of her contacts. Back at HQ they look over schematics of the bank and discuss a plan of action to break into the bank. Before they can continue, Millie arrives and talks to Jonah about Ruth in private but not before noting down the name of Danny Rohr. This man wrote several New York Times articles on Meyer and may prove to be a valuable asset for her going forward.

Sitting down to a game of chess, Millie tells Jonah her theory and goes on to hound him about where he’s been over the past few days. However, Meyer interjects before Jonah can reveal anything incriminating about their operation and stops the questioning.

With Millie gone, the gang put their plan into action and break into the bank. With the hostage situation working perfectly as a distraction for the others to break into the vault, Jonah arrives and manages to stop Joe from being killed by a rogue officer. Mindy opens the safety deposit box but finds nothing there. However, there’s a secret compartment behind the wall that leads down to a hidden basement. Once there, they find a whole stash of Nazi loot, which they quickly take photos of for evidence.

Upon seeing these fortunes, Meyer shows Frederic what he and his team have found, going on to tell him he’s going to a war tribunal for what he’s done. Before Meyer leaves, he does manage to get a name from the Nazi – Oskar Hauptman; a notorious man known within the camps. Back at HQ, Meyer talks to Jonah about Oskar and officially invites him onboard as one of their own.

As the episode closes out, Frederic shoots himself in the head while Millie heads up to Danny Rohr’s and directs her questioning toward Meyer, where the episode ends.

With more investigative work and the hunters slowly extracting more information regarding the Nazi operation in America, a lot of this episode focuses on the heist to break into Zurich bank. That’s not a bad thing though, as it does break up the more linear episodes up until this point but beyond that there isn’t a whole lot of plot development.

It doesn’t help that each of these episodes clock in at a little over an hour and some of this run-time is clearly injected with padding to inflate the episodes. Still, there’s enough to keep you engaged and the hook at the end of this should be enough to see you returning to this in a hurry as we approach the midway point of the show.


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