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Hunters – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Hunters begins with Millie heading to church and praying, while Travis watches from the shadows intent on taking her out. At the same time, Jonah continues to struggle with his hearing issues as we cut back in time again to see his Grandmother Ruth in Auschwitz.

Back at headquarters the next day, the group discuss the 74 different nazis on the wall they are aware of. Meyer rallies the troops, tasking them with watching Holstedder’s house and as they conduct a stake out, Lonny notices movement inside. As they head in to take a look, Roxy is immediately ambushed by a lady called Maryanne. Thankfully she gets the upper-hand and impales the Nazi through the neck.

Jonah receives a visitor in Levi Libstein, a man in charge of his grandmother’s will. After handing him a cheque for $632, he goes on to tell him an inspiring story about Ruth, along with news about how fondly she spoke of him. Deciding to steer clear of the Nazi Hunting for now, Jonah heads up to Coney Island with the boys and  smokes weed, along with engaging in a bizarre musical number.

Travis phones Biff for instructions as he learns The Colonel is keeping them out of the loop. He attempts to make a deal with Travis but he’s having none of it, proceeding to hang up on him. Instead, Travis continues to keep an eye on Mollie as she visits Ron Davis, an investigator that feeds back more information about seniors being killed including the man in the toy store Jonah visited earlier in the series.

Millie arrives at the scene and begins investigating, deducing there were two killers. As she heads into the back, she finds a jacket with Jonah’s name on but Travis gets there first, posing as an officer. He rips the name tag off and watches from afar to make sure the officers don’t get too close to the truth. One thing they do find however, is a Nazi medallion and photographs leading them to Ruth.

Travis phones The Colonel and informs her Heinz Richter is dead, along with how troublesome Millie is becoming regarding her investigation. Having gained Jonah’s name, Travis switches targets to hunt him while Millie finds out about Ruth, which of course leads her to Jonah as well.

Back at HQ, Sister Harriet feeds back what the group have found regarding their next target while Jonah himself visits Murray and Mindy, discussing Meyer and in particular whether there were any romantic feelings between them. It’s here Jonah opens up to them, telling them he’s not sure he can rise up and become the man they want him to be.

After he leaves, Murray and Mindy stumble upon a message on the tapes involving morse code which details a number of dates – including the day Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. As they keep looking, they also find another date on one of the final tapes which happens to be 2 weeks from now in the future.

Sister Harriet meets with Lonny and deduces what the matching keys mean – they lead to a safety deposit box in Zurich World Bank. Before they can investigate further however, Carol visits Jonah’s house while Arthur is visited by Travis, who asks questions about Jonah. As he points a gun at him, Arthur tries to play the hero and tells him he’s Jonah. With his back turned, Arthur stabs Travis in the hand but as he looks to leave the shop, Travis turns and shoots Arthur square in the back, killing him instantly where the episode ends.

With a shocking ending and all roads converging on Jonah’s location, Hunters continues to build its Nazi-hunting storyline. It’s not perfect, and at times the pacing really holds this one back from being a more engaging title, but the different storylines are interesting enough to keep you invested. Arthur’s death at the end is pretty shocking too and with Jonah seeing Travis leave the shop at the end, the door is left wide open for the upcoming episodes.

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