Hundred Reasons – Glorious Sunset | Album Review

Track Listing 

Glorious Sunset
New Glasses
It Suits You
Right Here With You
So So Soon
The Old School Way
Wave Form


On Glorious Sunset, Hundred Reasons embark on creating symphonic juggernauts that impact and will entice the emotions. The band, break ground here too, using the rock template and adding their own unique slant, guiding their music like a kite in the sky. These songs also conjure up images, and the act is hurting – there’s no doubting that.

Lyrically we’re taken into worlds that don’t have much light, and the words are interwoven into the music like stitches. This band knows the burden of regret so well. They also write about love being smashed to pieces, broken down, and thrown to the fire, while they try to reclaim their lives. The music is clearly thought out, and the instrumentals have fluency, making for a smooth listen.

‘Glorious Sunset’ starts the album off in a symphonic style, and the vocals become a brooding addition. The chorus is loud, and the words linger.

‘It Suits You’ opens with clear intentions. The band is frustrated and wants to see their world change for the better. That riff optimises the whole song, and it’s a pleasing segment. The vocal work is rage fuelled.

‘Done’ begins slowly, and the lyrics spell out fear. The chorus is fundamental to its progression, and the concept of lost love keeps on going. Such a standout, the song epitomises where this band is at.

Hundred Reasons deliver a pulsating record that is dreamy, even when the darkness imposes, and that’s testament to the band’s talents.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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