Hubie Halloween (2020) – Movie Review


Halloween-Themed Sandler Fun

Adam Sandler films should not be taken seriously. They’re lighthearted, goofy, silly movies with a feel-good vibe and a simple but effective theme. Sometimes this works really well (Little Nicky and Happy Gilmore) while other times it crashes and burns (Jack and Jill). Hubie Halloween falls somewhere between these two lines of extreme, with a sprinkling of Halloween goodness and some good chuckles along the way.

The main story revolves around Hubie Dubois, a man determined to make sure Halloween is as safe as possible. Only, this unfortunately sees him the target of the local bullies who throw a random assortment of items at him every chance they get.

With his Mum desperate for wimpy Hubie to stick up for himself, we begin this tale on the eve of Halloween as Hubie prepares for the big night ahead.

Only, things take a turn for the worst when a local inmate at the mental asylum escapes and finds his way into town. There’s also Hubie’s strange new neighbour Walter and a killer on the loose snatching up adults. These various subplots work well to beef out the thin plotline, which features the usual love interest in the form of high school sweetheart Violet Valentine.

In truth, Violet doesn’t really have an awful lot to do here and most of the supporting characters serve as second fiddle to Hubie Dubois. For some reason, Sandler puts on a slurred accent in this movie which feels like a mash-up of Little Nicky and Bobby from Water Boy. While this is obviously done for laughs, at times it’s quite difficult to discern exactly what Hubie is saying. In truth, I actually put subtitles on a few times to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Aside from that though, this movie is just simply a good time. You can tell all the cast are having fun on-set and that translates across to the various different faces that show up. Ben Stiller revises his role from Happy Gilmore as the brief but hilarious guard at the mental institution. Steve Buscemi is here as the suspicious new neighbour and Shaquille O’Neill even lends himself to some hilarious segments late on.

The comedy here is a mixed bag of Halloween treats, with some jokes being recycled several times over. Hubie’s jumpy nature results in him shouting and punching decorations multiple times, there’s vomit and fart jokes here too and vulgar wordplay as Hubie and his mum misinterpret what a boner actually is.

Hubie Halloween is one of those films that’s very easy to watch and should produce a good amount of chuckles if you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’ve never been a fan of Adam Sandler’s comedy, this movie is unlikely to change your mind.

It’s a silly, goofy celebration of Halloween in typical Sandler fashion.┬áIf you’re in the mood for a treat, Hubie Halloween serves up just enough tricks to make this worth your time.

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  • Verdict - 5.5/10

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