How To Get Rich Season 1 Review – Helping wealthy people control their finances

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Design Your Rich Life
Financial Hot Water
HOA Not Okay
New Cash, Old Problems
Pet Checking Accounts
Multi-Level Marketing Madness
Bills & Wedding Bells
Destination Rich Life


There have been a good number of these “makeover” shows on Netflix, and each have done relatively well for the streaming giants. From Marie Kondo’s philosophy to saving space and decluttering your life, to something as massive as a big makeover for your dream house, there’s a good deal of variety here to check out.

The latest comes from finance expert Ramit Sethi, in his new series How To Get Rich. Named after his bestselling book sporting the same name, How To Get Rich sees Ramit head off across different cities in the US, helping couples achieve their richest life.

Out of the handful or so couples we follow across the 8 episodes, most have a pretty good income already. The first couple we meet features a stay at home dad while his partner is out making 6 figures in her job. Another, sees a woman making around $5000 a month from her woodworking business while her partner brings in an income of his own.

While it’s nice to see Ramit helping these men and women, it’s also a little disappointing not to see him head off and help people eking out a living on the poverty line. With bills going up and more and more families trying to cut costs, this would have been the perfect opportunity to look at the spending habits for those right on the line, trying to help them secure better spending habits.

Some of the advice Ramit gives is genuinely helpful though, including the reminder that a lot of businesses do fail and “99% of people will not make money that way.” His philosophy for paying off credit card bills, including how your credit score can decrease when you pay it all off is another solid inclusion, and these golden nuggets of information are definite stand-0out segments.

However, this is also followed up with some pretty questionable advice, including telling us that banks will “waive a late fee” if you phone up and explain your situation. Now, as someone who has actually done that in the UK, the answer is usually a defiant “no”.¬†Elsewhere, we get great bits of advice like “you need to make more money”, which is great in theory but not particularly practical in the long run. How? A side hustle? Investing? Changing jobs?

Despite that though, seeing these couples all fighting or not being completely honest with their financial situation is likely to bring a lot of familiarity for couples going through the same thing and Ramit doubles up as a therapist at times, giving each different couple tasks to complete and ways to get in control of their finances.

The people we do meet come from a wide range of different backgrounds and life experiences, although you do see patterns with a lot of them, which comes from spending a lot more than they’re actually bringing in. The exception though comes from one guy, who swings so far across to the other side, that he meticulously saves every penny he can and even worries about electricity being used by amenities like a coffee machine!

With all that being said, How To Get Rich is not the best show it could be and it misses a trick by not depicting couples with lower incomes and helping them save or make good on their situation. However, the show does have some good bits of advice sprinkled across its 8 episodes, and seeing these different couples have their lives transformed as a result of Ramit’s advice makes the journey worth taking.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

1 thought on “How To Get Rich Season 1 Review – Helping wealthy people control their finances”

  1. It’s a woke “you’ll own nothing and like it” propaganda series with no real practical advice. Basically it says to sell your junk, pay your bills and advertises an investment platform while telling you not to use another platform and don’t pay a financial adviser. The poor guy who was told to sell a losing stock would have made all of his money back within about a month had he held onto it. I feel for the guy because he was the smartest one on the whole series and should have followed his gut.

    One other point to add is that nobody ever got rich working for their boss, they got rich by starting a business and this guys tells everyone how they’ll fail if they try to do that. Long and short is that the series says not to start a business, don’t buy a house, don’t pay a professional and go find a better paying job than you have now and stop spending money.

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