How To Date Billy Walsh (2024) Ending Explained – Does Amelia end up with Billy or Archie?

Plot Summary

Archibald (Archie) Arnold and Amelia Brown grew up as best friends, only for Archie to soon realise that he has feelings for her. Every time Archie tries to confess his feelings, things go wrong and he ends up holding on to his love for her. With only 6 months left to graduate from high school, Archie decides to ask Amelia out.

However, their plans are ruined when a student named Billy Walsh is transferred to their school. Archie soon realises that Amelia has feelings for Billy but cannot tell him about them, just as he cannot tell Amelia about his feelings. During one family get-together, Amelia overhears Archie’s parents telling her dad about a Love Doctor who helped them with their relationship problems.

What does Archie do to ruin Amelia’s chances with Billy?

Amelia asks Archie to get her the contact number of the Love Doctor so she can impress Billy Walsh and date him. Archie initially refuses but eventually gives in. He gives the Love Doctor’s number to Amelia but later changes it to one of his spare numbers. Archie uses an age filter and chats with Amelia, pretending to be Love Doctor. He gives Amelia the wrong advice which causes her to be embarrassed in front of Billy. 

Amelia decides to dress up like one of the mean girls – Amber, who seems to be someone that Billy likes. Due to her clumsy nature, Amelia is further embarrassed in front of the entire school. Amber mocks Amelia in the cafeteria but Archie stands up for her and slams mashed potato on Amber’s face. Following this, Billy ends up taking notice of Amelia and asks her out on a date. 

How is Archie’s plan sabotaged?

Pretending to be Love Doctor, Archie asks Amelia to be extra rude to Billy on their date. The date ends badly for Amelia as Billy assumes her to be rude and mean, just like Amber and the other mean girls from school. Amelia realises that Billy is not the typical bad boy with the perfect family. At school, Amelia announces her most embarrassing stories on the microphone for the entire school to hear, including Billy.

Archie realises that it was futile trying to stop Amelia and Billy from dating and he gets out of their way. He takes Billy to Amelia and she confesses her feelings for Billy as they start dating. Meanwhile, Archie spends his time glued to his bed, sad about his first love being with someone else.

What does her father tell Amelia about true love?

Despite being with Billy, Amelia is lost and confused. While talking to her father one day, she learns that her parents were also childhood friends. Amelia learns that her father had feelings for her mother for years but had never confessed them because of fear. She tries to make sense of her friendship with Archie and realises that they too had a similar story as her parents’.

Does Amelia learn the truth about the Love Doctor?

On the night of the ball, Amelia meets Archie and confesses her feelings for him. She forces him to get dressed for the ball and sends a text to the Love Doctor, asking for tips to break up with Billy. However, she hears the phone ping inside one of Archie’s drawers and finds the phone there. She realises that Archie lied to her and leaves to go to the ball all by herself. Archie chases after Amelia but the school bullies find him there, beat him up and tie him to a tree. 

What happens to Billy Walsh?

Inside the ball, Amelia tells Billy that she has feelings for someone else and ends things with him. Billy is surprised to be broken up with but takes the breakup quite well. One of the bullies tells Billy about Archie and he rushes to help set Archie free. Archie thanks Billy for his help and goes inside to meet Amelia.

Does How To Date Billy Walsh have a happy ending?

At the ball, Archie gets up on stage and confesses his feelings for Amelia. He tells her how he has been in love with her since they were kids and has done everything he could to get together with her, including becoming a fake Love Doctor. Amelia forgives Archie and the two finally kiss. Billy ends up with one of the nerdy girls from school as the film comes to an end.


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