How I Met Your Father – Season 2 Episode 19 “Shady Parker” Recap & Review

Feelings Come to the Fore

Episode 19 of How I Met Your Father season 2 begins with a recap of the day when Val and Jesse had the fight over the lost and found box. We see her finding a receipt with a love song Jesse wrote for Sophie and later keeping it inside the box.

Future Sophie tells her son about a hurricane. At present, we shift to Pemberton’s where the group is watching a new report about Hurricane Marcy which will hit them soon. Just then, Jesse enters and makes a big announcement — he’s moving in with Parker! In fact, they’re moving the next day and Jesse invites everybody to his place for one last celebration. Sophie tries to show her enthusiasm for the couple but comes across as really awkward.

Val pulls her aside and calls her out for speaking like a Hallmark card, which she does only when she’s upset about something. Of course, it comes out that Sophie still has feelings for Jesse. But she refuses to do anything about it. Instead, she vows to just support Jesse the best she can. When she leaves, Val spots the lost and found box but can’t find Jesse’s receipt.  

The gang turn up at Jesse and Sid’s place and realises it’s not a party but an excuse for them to help Jesse pack his stuff. Sophie is insistent on being supportive and gives Parker a hug. During the conversation, Parker reveals she left her previous school mid-way and travelled to New York from Nevada. But she doesn’t feel like talking about it. Sophie gets suspicious and tells Sid.

Val asks Charlie and Ellen if they took anything from the lost and found box. They deny it, but their faces make it obvious that they are hiding something. When Parker goes to get the pizza she ordered for the group, Sophie checks her wallet and finds a credit card with the name Timothy Manfield. She and Sid want to find out more and decide to go through her purse.

Val gets Ellen and Charlie and confronts them about stealing something from the lost and found box. Ellen says bringing it out could do a lot of damage but Val orders her to go get it.

Sophie distracts Parker by submitting herself to a painful arm wrestling competition. But this allows Sid to take her purse and look through it. Afterwards, he shows Sophie bottles of painkillers he found, under the name of Rachel Whitmore. They conspire about how Parker is probably a drug lord who scams innocent men.

But they need more proof. Sophie then invites Drew to the party, as Parker’s employer he probably ran a background check on her. Sophie and Sid corner Drew and ask him what he knows about Parker. He says she came from a school in Reno along with a glowing letter of recommendation.

Ellen and Charlie return and give Val the book on how to cut one’s own hair. Ellen admits she really wanted it and stole it from the lost and found, but made a mess of her hair when she tried following it. Charlie tried helping and, naturally, made it worse. To prove it, Ellen removes a wig that she’s been wearing this whole time to show a messy crop of short hair beneath.

Sid and Sophie then call Parker’s old school’s principal. He says he doesn’t recognise the name and Sophie cuts the call on him. Armed with all their information, they storm outside and confront Parker about her real motives. Jesse doesn’t believe them, prompting Sophie to call the principal again. This time, he clarifies that he’s new on the job and didn’t recognise Parker’s name. However, everybody else at school has praised her to no end.

The truth comes out. Parker left her job when her mother got into a bad accident and moved to New York to help her. The pills are her mother’s and the credit card is her brother’s since they split the bill. The last names are all different because her mother, a feminist, kept her own last name while Parker’s brother, also a feminist, took his wife’s last name.

Sid immediately apologises, saying that Jesse’s sudden moving out made him react this way. Jesse hugs him but stops Sophie when she tries to get in on it. Sophie tries to explain herself, saying that she only wanted what’s best for Jesse. Meanwhile, Val still can’t find the receipt. And Drew thinks he’s found what he is looking for.

Parker leaves to go see her mother. Sophie tries to approach Jesse and talk to him but he’s angry with her for what she did. Then, the lights go out.

The Episode Review

As part 1 of the season 2 finale of How I Met Your Father, this is a fantastic episode. Sid and Sophie’s escapades are great and they make a really fun pair to watch. Their dynamic is friendly and easy-going and they seem very in sync with each other.

The entire deal with Parker was bound to blow up in their faces but the question was how it would happen. And it paid off because Parker’s family being a feminist is an incredible point of humour. Also, if anyone wants pointers, this is how you make a feminist joke. Parker’s delivery and the simple explanation of what felt like a big secret made me laugh out loud.

Apart from that, Sophie’s Hallmark card behaviour is also really amusing. In classic HIMYF fashion, the humour does eventually give way to more poignant questions about her feelings. But more on this in episode 20.

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