Housing Complex C – Episode 4 “The End of the Line” Recap & Review

The End of the Line

The season finale of Housing Complex C begins with Kimi handing Koba Taka’s journal and visiting Kan to give him a letter. At the same time, Koba reads Taka’s journal to uncover his findings.

Taka confirms that his earlier suspicions concerning the Kuzululu and the Kurosaki people were wrong. He claims the Kuzululu held rituals to sacrifice humans to bring back their respective gods. He explains that Kurokado holds multiple meanings, rainbow being one of them. The rainbows above Kurosaki serve as gates that lead people to sacred spaces.

He discovers that the sacred space it was pointing toward was the base of Housing Complex C. Taka goes on a tangent about the Kurosaki folk song and its ties to moss. He confirms that the land they inhabit should be called Shirokado instead of Kurokado because of the former’s connection to the rainbows. He questions if the name change was a simple mistake or an attempt to hide heretical beliefs by a god-like figure.

Viewers see Taka removing Hideo’s drawings and finding the pathway leading to the scary area Kimi and Yuri stumbled upon in episode three. Somehow, Taka can decipher the text as some prehistoric language. The passages have something to do with the gods the Shirokado followers’ worshiped. According to the text, their god arises from the rainbow gate and holds boundless power.

Some abilities include: manipulating time and space, kick-starting natural disasters, and resurrecting other deities. He learns there was a sea god that served the sky god named Iyoyoloki Soyohosu. Taka claims this deity is the cause of Kurosaki’s current issues and that the descendants of Kuzululu’s followers are responsible for leaving dead fish behind.

Remember, they used to sacrifice humans to this deity before switching to dead fish. They’ve been leaving behind mutilated animal corpses as a sacrilegious act toward this deity because they’ve mistaken Iyoyoloki Soyohosu’s miracles as a sign of the sea god’s rebirth. Taka confirms that Iyoyoloki Soyohosu’s transformed its victim into moss because it wishes to give it a taste of eternity.

Taka diverges into a discussion about how Kurosaki’s remained in the year 2000 while other areas are farther into the future. Before Taka takes his life, he wants Koba to know that Iyoyoloki Soyohosu is still alive and frolicking around Housing Complex C. This is where Taka concurs that Kimi is Iyoyoloki Soyohosu. He argues the ways they’ve treated Kimi like royalty and never mettle with her mother’s affairs led him to this conclusion.

He tells Koba that she can charm anyone and keep them away–from discovering her god-like nature like an optical illusion. Despite his words, Taka tells Koba that Kimi’s intentions weren’t hostile as she only wanted everyone to be friends. This is why Kimi preserved Kurosaki in the year 2000 for many years. However, he feels the Koshide family is responsible for shattering her peaceful world.

Koba’s baffled as he stands in front of Kimi’s front door. He feels dumb for not piecing together her and her mother’s peculiarities. From Koba, viewers learn that Yoshimi arrived at Kurosaki pregnant and locked herself away due to depression. Although Kimi’s a monstrous deity, Koba aims to keep her safe. However, Mr. Koshide (Seichi) stabs Koba from behind.

Meanwhile, Kan reads Kimi’s letter telling him that he should read the words on this paper if something scary happens. Kimi informs Kan that his god will forgive him and apologizes for getting him involved. Kan enters Koshide’s apartment and gets stabbed by Mrs. Koshide (Keiko). Seichi learns someone warned Koba about their evil intentions.

Seichi drags Koba’s corpse to a nearby corner. When Kimi opens the door, Seichi rushes toward her. He plans to sacrifice her to his god. Yuri tackles her father and tells Kimi to run. Meanwhile, Keiko and Kan fight each other. Kan wins the fight and starts searching to find Kimi. Kan stumbles upon Yuri and Keichi and gets tricked by them.

Yuri leaves her father with Kan and chases Kimi. Keiko arrives, and Seichi asks her what’s wrong with her arm. She blames Kan for her injury as Mr. Koshide tells her to return the favor. Although Keiko refuses to murder Kan because of his overwhelming strength, Seichi scolds her. He says she’ll never be able to survive in their deity’s new world. Kan uses Taka’s artifact to deliver a brief sonic wave to immobilize Keiko and Seichi.

He knocks them out and plans to stop Yuri from killing Kimi. We revisit the same chase sequence from episode one between Kan, Kimi, and Yuri. Yuri blocks Kan’s path with the staircase and comforts Kimi. Kimi notices Yuri smiling and catches on that she’s just as devious as her parents.

Yuri chases Kimi to an unknown location while preaching about how much her father loves their god. Yuri’s happy that she can drop her kind act because she’s been dying to murder Kimi. Yuri corners Kimi in a strange room. Kimi pours her mother’s fetus on top of Yuri’s head and crushes her. Kimi’s mother transforms into moss, puzzling Yuri.

Yuri questions why Kimi’s acting so calm and threatens to bring her mother and father down here to torture her. Kimi summons Yuri’s parents’ body parts and throws them on the ground, scaring Yuri. Kimi creates a swirling vortex on the ceiling that showers Yuri with her parent’s organs and blood.

While Yuri’s trembling, Kimi takes her to a mystical realm and explains her infuriation with the human species. While Kimi’s enjoyed learning about humans and spending time with them, she can’t fathom why they’re so prone to violence. Yuri’s confused, but Kimi explains further. She tells Yuri that the fish people sought invincibility and the resurrection of one of Kimi’s descendants.

However, Kimi despised how dumb the Shirokado and the residents of Housing Complex C were. However, she doesn’t blame them too much because they are all simple-minded individuals. Kimi’s not against Yuri’s family for slaughtering people for their lesser god. However, she doesn’t like how they allowed their deity to claim Kurosaki as its own.

Kimi tells Yuri that it was foolish for Seichi to believe that he’ll attain favor from Kimi’s descendants because he used a ceremonial knife. Kimi reveals that she transformed the dead bodies into piles of moss because she wanted to prevent everyone from feeling depressed. Her intent was not to make people believe her brood was returning.

Therefore, she despises the Koshide family for ruining her harmonious world. Kimi forced herself to wait before acting out her plans because she was curious about what the Koshide family was planning. However, it only led to her discovering they wanted to kill things for the thrill and nothing more. It takes Yuri a while to piece together that Kimi’s a god.

Her mind’s blown once she realizes the truth. Yuri bows before Kimi apologizes for her actions and swears loyalty to her. Suddenly, Yuri throws up moss as Kimi laughs. She tells Yuri she only cares about eternity. Kimi reveals she has been observing humans for millennia, judging their worthiness of eternity. After 20,000 years, she believes most humans are unfit for eternity because they always cause the downfall of their own societies.

Kimi punishes Yuri by reversing time and wiping her out of existence. Kimi concludes that it’s time for everything to end. Meanwhile, Kan looks at the rainbow above Housing Complex C and asks his god for a blessing, so he can survive this event. After Kimi’s rainbow engulfs Kurosaki, Kan wakes up and notices something different about Housing Complex C.

He finds a sign that reads, “Welcome to Shirosaki.” This means Kimi had tampered with the surrounding environment in some fashion. Kan gets alerted that a Tsunami is heading his way. The episode concludes with Kimi blowing bubbles atop an abandoned Housing Complex C.

The Episode Review

This was Housing Complex C’s most mind-numbing and thought-provoking episode yet. There were some intriguing twists and shocking revelations inserted into this final chapter. From the Koshide family’s psychotic personalities to Kimi’s deity-like presence, this episode amplified the tension to a high extent with its finale. That said, this episode didn’t nail a successful landing.

This show’s grand finale will pose several issues for fans. For instance, this episode felt a tad rushed. Some will find that the episode crammed too much information into its finale. Including more chapters of Kimi, Taka, and the others investigating Kurosaki would’ve helped this show succeed in many ways. It would also be helpful to gradually spread out the lore of this show so that viewers can digest it more easily.

This episode also stumbled upon another issue that cropped up in the previous one – the weird personality shift for specific characters. Some viewers will find it strange for the Koshide family to be the enemies in this series. There are never any hints or nods to them being murderous individuals. Despite the unexpected twist, some may argue that the Koshide’s should’ve been involved in some suspicious activity to warrant their antagonistic status.

Otherwise, this was a fun conclusion to his short horror series. While the episode had multiple shortcomings, the characters played off each other well. There was a great mix of mystery, horror, and mythological elements here. The episode addressed some questions but left some unanswered, leaving some fans to wallow in curiosity. While it’s far from a masterpiece, episode four was a decent conclusion with a few noteworthy moments.

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  1. The series did have some hints about the Koshide family in it that hinted about them being cultists and killers. The knife in episode 2 with the octopus like creature engraved on it is a huge clue. The creature is implied to be Cthulhu. Some dialog also gives little hints that if one is familiar with Lovecraft’s work could pick up on. many of the clues are easily missed as they are only shown briefly or in the background and are not meant to draw attention.

    The entire series is full of H.P. Lovecraft references and many things are missed if you aren’t deeply familiar with the Cthulhu Mythos that Lovecraft and other authors created. The fish people are Deep Ones. Taka’s artifact is an Elder Sign. (The symbol on it is one. Although the sign can be and gesture and in drawing for it looks similar to the way it is on the stone in one version.) Kimi is also implied to Yog-Sothoth in a human form the silver bubbles round her are clue to this. TV Troupes and a few websites and discussion groups went into great detail on how Kimi is Yog-Sothoth. And, there are even more.

    The creators also put in some things that would be easily overlooked on an initial viewing or and would only be cached on subsequent viewings when the viewer was aware of what was going on and of things to look for after seeing the entire series and being aware of the Cthulhu Mythos links.

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