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The House of Stars is a Thai drama television series depicting themes of fame, jealousy, love, and revenge. Miss Suzy is the main character here, and she’s an award-winning Thai celebrity until the industry turns against her. She made a perceived wrong decision that left her pregnant. She quit the industry and went abroad.

After some years, she returned to Thailand and started the country’s most renowned talent management country. All the stars under her management live in a house together under Suzy’s management and her assistant Sin and Host, her adopted daughter. 

Suzy’s House has strict rules that all recruits must follow. The artists managed by the House of Stars include Gun, Pitch, Wayu, Wayha, So, Pawin, Korn, and Mintra. One of the rules in the House is that the artists are not allowed to fall in love, but that does not stop sparks from flying between some of the actors.

The competition to be the best in the House creates strives, hatred and jealousy among the artists. One of the artists under Suzy’s management has a hidden agenda; he is looking for revenge. 

The writers of House of Stars touch on the good, the bad, the ugly, the fan stalking and the glamorous side of the entertainment industry. The plot starts a little confusing for the viewer; there are many characters to learn, and the story is hard to follow. Once one gets the hang of the characters and the messy plot, the story gets intriguing.

The plot though has many plot holes due to the numerous themes being covered. In addition to the messy plots, the production team ruins the plot flow further, especially for international fans, due to the botched subtitles that make it difficult to follow the storyline. However, the end gets interesting when the secrets and the backstories start to get revealed. 

Regardless of the underdeveloped plots, the actors are diverse and meshed together perfectly to portray the entertainment industry behind the scenes. Gun is a calm, composed, focused and hardworking famous actor on the outside. However, he is a distraught person suffering from mental breakdowns due to a past incident. He is also sweet and gentle, especially with a fellow member of the House, Pitch, for whom he develops a soft spot later in the series.

Zo is a tiger in sheep’s skin. On the outside, he seems gentle and loving but is actually angry and hurting. Pitch is the show’s sweetheart; clueless and pure in many aspects. He makes a lot of mistakes but learns and works to better himself. 

Korn is mostly jealous of Gun’s success because he always gets the second lead in casting while Gun takes the main lead. He is a social climber who tries to ride the wave of the co-star Mintra and later Pawin. Mintra is selfish, self-absorbed and controlling. Pawin is an openly gay actor with a big heart but is also very competitive. 

Wayha is the underdog in the House. Because of his heavy accent, he does not get any jobs.  Wayu is calm, caring, and set aside from the house in terms of character and honesty. Lalita starts off as a creepy stalker but her character greatly develops to someone who genuinely cares about the artists. The talent managers Host and Sin are complete opposites of Suzy. They are gentle and understanding.

Miss Suzy, the house owner and the CEO, comes off as a creep. She is strict, manipulative, controlling, and bossy. She cares about the actors in her own way since her strictness comes from self-experience, and she wants to shield the actors from the pain she went through. 

Even with all this considered though, it’s hard to recommend this series to anyone. There have been many amazing Thai BLs but this one falls way short – for the most part it’s likely to leave audiences confused. The ending really doesn’t do much to salvage the show either. Unless you are someone who loves watching frustrating shows where the puzzle never gets fully solved, you might want to skip this one!

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  • Verdict - 3.5/10

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