Hottest Male K-drama Villains

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

There is always a certain thrill with bad boys that just gives us a tingling thrill and we just can’t escape their spell. As much as some of the characters in this list were evil to the core, we only fault them for their actions… but not their attractiveness!

Here are the male K-drama characters who gave us a moral dilemma for a few hot seconds.

Song Joong- Ki in Vincenzo

Vincenzo Cassano was a visual for the books. The minute he showed up on our screen with the well-fitting suits, the sleek hairstyle, and the sexy way he spoke Italian we were doomed to fall for a mafia.

Vincenzo aka Mr. Corn Salad was the perfect embodiment of a Wattpad Mafia boss. He is the lesser of two evils in this show and is helping the people of Geumga plaza for his selfish reasons.

However, what is important is how can he look so sleek while fighting and without creasing his suit?

Park Hee Soon in My Name

We started watching the show for Han So Hee but stayed for Park Hee Soon. He is probably one of the hottest and most attractive criminal lords in the K-drama world. He may be a diabolical drug lord on a quest for vengeance and only death can stop him.

However, once you see his chest tattoos and the sexy way he unties his tie you will understand our obsession with his character in this show.

Kim Ji-hoon in Flower of Evil

At first, we felt sorry for his character who was in a coma and missing out on his youth. He is a scary and creepy person once he switches to his evil alter ego.

The most confusing thing about him is that he is still hot as hell and he makes tying his hair into a bun look so effortlessly attractive.

pachinko apple

Lee Minho in Pachinko

Lee Minho decided to take a gamble and play a villain in his latest project and we are certainly enjoying seeing him as a bad boy.

As Hansu in Pachinko, he is a cruel man with a questionable past but he is also enigmatic. The way he pulls off the suit and the hat while being nonchalant is so captivating.

Lee Dong Wook in Strangers From Hell

Lee Dong Wook has always been hot, there is no character he can play that will downplay his handsome features. He ages like fine wine and grows more handsome as the years pass by.

In this show, he plays a serial killer with a fatally attractive smile that charms his victims. He also has long hair in this show which just adds to his allure.

Lee Soo-hyuk in The Scholar Who Walks The Night

Long before he was putting people in a chokehold in Tomorrow, Soo-hyuk played a bloodthirsty and evil vampire who wishes to rule over humans.

We all know vampires are one of the hottest mythical creatures we have seen on our TV screens and Soo-hyuk served visuals for days in this show.

Kim Bum in Tale of The Nine-Tailed

We love a cute, mischievous villain with a golden heart underneath it all. In this drama, he plays a mythical fox who is more concerned about fun and messing with humans but by the end of the show, we had irrevocably fallen for his charms.

Ok Taecyeon in Vincenzo

Taecyeon’s character in Vincenzo surprised us when it was revealed he was the real villain and CEO of one of the most corrupt companies which Vincenzo was after.

I don’t know what was hotter, seeing him go head to head with Vincenzo or his deep baritone accent whenever he spoke English!

Ahn Bo-Hyun in Itaewon Class

In this hit K-drama, Bo-Hyun played an entitled chaebol who hid behind his dad’s name. He mostly got on the nerves of the viewers with his childish antics but we can’t deny that he still looked way too fly being a nuisance.

Na in woo in Mr. Queen

Initially, viewers were unsure where his loyalties lie and we had a hate-love relationship with him. At times he was a villain and other times he was a knight in shining armor. Either way, he stole our hearts by ultimately sacrificing his life to save the Queen.

And there we have it, our picks for the hottest male K-drama villains. We’ll periodically update this page over time if any more entries crop up!

What do you think of our list? Have we missed any that you’ve really taken a fancy to? Do feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Love Kim Bum so much, he is cute/handsome/sexy at the same time although he is villain or bad boy 😌😘

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