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Hot Leading Men in Thai BLS

Without a doubt, Thailand has some of the most handsome actors. Many of these actors gained fame for starring in BL dramas (Boy’s Love) with their mix of charm, acting and excellent chemistry with on-screen partners. Here are some of the most alluring eye candies from the land of crazy traffic, exquisite cuisines, and extreme heat!


Bible Wichapas 

BL fans are ecstatically in love with KinnPorsche since it opened the doors for the newest and hottest Bl actors, one of them being Bible.

He is the ultimate hottie with a sexy aura making all fans scream at the mere sight of him on and off the screen. He is bilingual, his English accent is intoxicating, and he has become everyone’s favourite despite being a newbie. His chemistry with his on-screen partner, Build, adds to his charms, and we can’t get enough of him.

Mile Phakphum 

Mile is one-half of the main lead in KinnPorsche the series. He has gorgeous eyes expressing insatiable hunger for his on-screen partner Apo Nattawin. Whether in a suit, a robe, or an unbuttoned shirt, Mile oozes mature sexiness, making fans fall in love with him on-screen and off-screen.

One thing that the fans find so charming about him is his endearing smile and his perfect mannerism. He has an effortless sense of fashion and once you see him playing the guitar, you will totally understand our obsession with him.

Apo Nattawin 

He is the other half of the main leads for Kinn Porsche the series. Like every other cast member in KinnPorsche, Apo is a beautiful, and sexy man with comedic charms that you can’t help but fall for.

His character is alluring, with an addictive laugh making fans click on all his online clips because they cannot get enough. He is always so bubbly and full of energy. He comes off as down to earth and seems like the kind of guy you want by your side when feeling down.

Jeff Satur

We all collectively lost it when Kim portrayed by Jeff in KinnPorsche showed up to a gunfight looking like a runway model.  Like, who looks like that and has a voice so beautiful? He is both a fantastic actor and a mind-blowing singer.

He has a sweet and calm soul packaged in a seductive body with a smile to die for. If you did not get enough Satur in KinnPorsche, check him out in He She It (2019), Ingredients (2020), and Love Area (2021-2022). 

Mew Suppasit

He is the ultimate “daddy” and making the fans question what is in Thailand waters, or is it the heat making 30-plus actors look so hot and young? He is the epitome of sexiness wrapped in talent, versatility, and charms no one can resist. TharnType (2019), and TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love (2020) are his most beloved projects.

Now he is making big moves in the music scene, and his loyal fans are all in for the ride.

Gulf Kanawut

He brought the character of Type to life in the series TharnType (2019), and TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love (2020), which skyrocketed his rise to fame in the BL fandom. He won hearts with his versatile acting skills, gorgeous looks, hot physique, and undeniable superstar aura.

Gulf has an amazing, heart-fluttering smile that sends fans into a frenzy. He embodies a charming, kind, and good-boy personality in real life, which is different from his role as Type.

Singto Prachaya

His acting skills are phenomenal, and he can bring to life different types of characters and draw one in to fall in love with all the versions of him on screen. To top it up, he is a sexy god, beautifully sculptured with a baby face and eyes to get lost in.

He is a veteran BL actor with successful projects, including SOTUS (2016) & SOTUS S (2017), Friend Zone (2018), He’s Coming to Me (2019), Paint with Love (2021), and Baker Boys (2021), among many others.

Bright Vachirawit

BL fans know him for his role as Sarawat in the 2020 BL series 2gether. He is all the definitions of a good-looking man, hot, gorgeous, handsome, athletic, talented actor, and singer. In just 24 years, Bright is the CEO of his fashion brand, Astrostuffs, and every fan’s dream husband.

Max Nattapol

He wears a boyish face with a ripped physique, strong arms, muscular body, and abs you can probably use to grate cheese. He also has a playful yet alluring attitude. You can catch him in Bad Romance (2016), Together With Me (2017), Together With Me Next Chapter (2018), and in Manner of Death (2020) with his on-screen better half, brother, and best friend Tul Pakorn.

TulTul Pakorn

He can speak four languages, is a talented actor, model, and a sexy nerd currently furthering his studies at Columbia University, New York. He has seductive eyes that even his on-screen co-star, Max Nattapol, says he is afraid to look at while filming because they can make anybody fall in love.

Zee Pruk Panich

Zee is another Thai actor defining the meaning of ageing like fine wine. He considers his eyes the sexiest part of his body, and there is no objection. He has very expressive eyes, a gorgeous smile, and a sturdy, well-built body that he is not afraid to show off in the gym, shirtless or wearing unbuttoned shirts. His iconic roles include Fighter in Why R U (2020) and Lian Kilen Wang in Cutie Pie (2022).

Saint Suppapong

Saint is a unique sensation, a versatile actor, intelligent, compassionate, cool, and everything in between. He has many achievements to his name at the age of 24, the CEO of Idol Factory, actor, executive producer, rapper, and singer. He is so gorgeously hot, making him a heartthrob with a crowd of loyal fans. His iconic roles include Pete in Love by Chance (2018) and Tutor in Why R U (2020).

Perth Tanapon

He has gorgeous eyes and an amazing smile that lights up your day. He is humble, friendly, warm, and exceptionally talented as an actor and a singer. He rose to fame for his role as Ae in the series Love by Chance (2018) for the amazing on and off-screen chemistry with his series partner Saint Suppapong.

He recently signed with GMMTV, and fans are looking forward to his role in the 2023 series Dangerous Romance. 

Nunew Charawin

As a new face in the BL industry, Nunew already has fans, actors, actresses, and everyone swooning over him. He has a euphonious voice. You could listen to him sing all day and all night.

In addition to his beautiful face, delicate features, and tender hands, he sends everyone to another dimension upon meeting him. With only one significant role to his name, Kuea Keerati or Kirin in Cutie Pie (2022), Nunew started at the apex, and he has unmatched potential with a promising career in the industry.

BounBoun Noppanut Guntachai

He is a heartthrob to millions of fans for his alluring lips and gorgeous eyes. His beauty is eye-pleasing and fascinating He has a well-built physique, 6 ft. tall with lean abs and long hands and bulging veins sending fans into a temporal delirium.

Adding to his striking beauty are his kindness, compassion, humble personality and amazing talent as an actor. You can watch him in Until We Meet Again (2019), Rose in Da House (2022), Even Sun (2022), and Between Us (2022) among other series he has starred in. Oops ! almost forgot to mention he makes blonde hair look so dangerously sexy.

Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya A.K.A Boss

He recently shot to fame with his role as Phayu in the 2022 hit BL series Love in The Air.  Fans are still recovering from the daddy lessons in the special episodes and there is no denying that Boss is a sexy star. From his hard-toned physique to his long hair that he mostly styles in a man bun, Boss gives off macho sexiness. His personality is soft and cute, and fans love to love him!

Thitipong Sengngai  A.K.A  Fort

Fort is also part of the 2022 hit BL series Love in The Air. His sweet smile is enough to leave anyone in a daze but he also has an amazing physique. Fans are always shocked at his perfect body proportion. He is also a sweet guy with an endearing personality that just loves to be loved and that just melts our hearts.

So there we have it, our picks for the hottest leading men in Thai BLs.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Force Jiratchapong. His eyes. Ugh. Any time he cries in a scene I am in tears. He is so beautiful.

  2. OMG you are so right Hannah. My apologies. I am going to do another list because we have some new men to simp over this year and I will definitely include this two in the list.

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  6. Sad how u forget about Build Jakapan Puttha he’s one of the most favorite actors among all…. He’s fan following is incredible

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